drink more water

How to drink more water | 8 Tips

cup hm

We all know it’s important to drink a lot of water. It has so many beauty and health benefits that it’s hard to avoid. I really notice that my skin is so much better on days when I drink a lot. Here are some some tips to drink more.

sailor moon samantha vega

Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega Bag

luna bag Sailor Moon x Samantha Vega

Recently I saw this bag online and couldn’t resist buying it. Because of the release of Sailor Moon Crystal a lot of new merchandise was introduced.


How to make blog photos | 7 tips


When I first started blogging I never imagined that quality photos make such a big difference. Photos are very important to make your blog posts stand out and give the best impression of a product.

long hair

Long & Healthy Hair Tips #2

long hair

Most girls love long hair, but how do you get it? Are some people just lucky that their hair grows fast? How can I make mine grow faster?