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In Januari I told you about the Kawaii Box, the cutest monthly subscription box filled with all kinds of Japanese and Korean cuteness.

Today I’m able to review another kawaii box and I am able to give away one box to a lucky reader. I love subscription boxes because you never know what you get and it’s like a gift when you open it. And if you are like me and love cute stuff you really can’t go wrong with this box. The Kawaii Box is my favourite subscription box out of all the ones I received. You can receive the Kawaii Box from $17.30 a month with free shipping included. It’s a great way to get yourself or a friend some special surprises each month. Every month the box includes 10 to 12 cute Japanese and Korean items.

Do you like these items but are you not ready to commit to a monthly subscription box? Then you can check out Blippo, a website full of cute items from the makers of the Kawaii box.

 :lwing:  Order the Kawaii Box, the cutest subscription box  :rwing:

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Kawaii Box october

The box I’m showing you in this post is the October Kawaii Box for 2015.

Kawaii Box cat dog stickers

Kittens and puppy stickers

This is definitely my favourite item from the box. They are puffy stickers with cats and dogs on them. Some of you might not know this but I love love love cats and would love to have one some day so these are perfect for me. And I just love puffy stickers in general, they are so fun to poke.

lollipop pen kawaii

Lollipop pen

At first I honestly thought this was a real lollipop but on closer inspection it’s actually a pen. I love cute pens and I think this is great as decoration to, this is my second favourite from this box.

Unchi-Kun Poop Lollipop

Unchi-Kun Poop Lollipop

Yep, it is what you think it is. I think this is so funny and cute, in Japan they often use poop as a cute and fun object which is a little weird but it works somehow. Other countries even adopted that state of mind because there is even a poop emoticon. This is so cute.

Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch Bunny

Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch Bunny

This bunny is the first thing I saw when I opened the box it’s so cute and  I think it’s great that you can also use it as a pencil case.

Jewelry Seal Deco stickers

Jewelry Seal Deco stickers

Who doesn’t love blinging up boring items? I sure do, so these decoden rhinestone stickers will sure come in handy some time soon.

Heart Shaped Nail Flakes

Heart Shaped Nail Flakes

I love painting my nails and putting cute deco things on them, sadly I don’t often take the time for that last part. But this is a great reminder that I should. I think these are perfect for any girly cute look or for Valentines Day.

Neko Emoji Mini Pouch

Neko Emoji Mini Pouch

Look at the little doggy, just look at it. Coin purses are so useful when you don’t want to carry your whole wallet with you, for example at an Anime Convention. The name says it’s a cat but it looks more like a dog to me.

Finger Family Monster Pouch

Finger Family Monster Pouch

A little zipper pouch with a face on it, the back has some net fabric, not really my cup of tea but I’m sure someone else will like it.

Pattern Envelop Set

Pattern Envelop Set

Honestly I’m not sure what I can use these for but it might be useful if you want to give someone a tiny gift or money.

Popcorn rolling stamp set

Popcorn rolling stamp set

This stamp set is really cute I’m sure it will come in handy some day.

japanese sushi candy

Meiji DIY Sushibar Gummies

I always love it if they include a cute little candy kit. With this kit you can make your own little sushi gummy’s. I think nobody would mind making some.

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Win a Kawaii Box

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for, I am going to give away a Kawaii Box to one of my readers. You can join by completing tasks on this Rafflecopter gadget. The more you complete the more chance you have to win!

The box your winning is the November Kawaii Box, so it will include different items which are a surprise.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Every option is +1 extra chance to win, so you don’t have to do all. Good luck to everyone!

What is your favourite item in this box?

16 Nov 2015 | 17 Comments


  1. Marloes says:

    Die stickers zijn echt superleuk!! en die sushi snoepjes :)

  2. Marushi says:

    OMG!!!! dit ziet er zo super cute uit!!! Ik heb dit nodig in mijn leven haha. Ik doe mee! -x-

  3. Olivia says:

    I’ve heard so much about the Kawaii box, and I think it’s so.. KAWAII! My favorite is the stamp set, I think it’s adorable. c: Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  4. Sakuranko says:

    Oh sweetie so cute giveaway!

  5. Deborah says:

    Leuke winactie! :) Ik vind vooral die stickers en Neko Emoji mini pouch erg schattig. <3

  6. Saar says:

    Super schattig! Ik doe mee!

  7. Emma says:

    Such a cute giveaway. And a wonderful blog x L_L

  8. Eva says:

    Wat een super schattig pakket! Ik ga zeker meedoen <3 al kan ik niet alle stappen invullen maar ga me best doen ;)

  9. Simone says:

    Ahhh deze zijn echt too adorable. Dus jaaaa ik doe heel graag mee!! :D

  10. Zo schattig! :D Natuurlijk doe ik mee :D

  11. Sara Yasmine says:

    Love the rabbit bunny ! :yay:

  12. Mary Josie says:

    Aahhh super leuk! Normaal gesproken doe ik nooit mee met win-acties, maar dit is ZO cute! x :yay:

  13. Kalliopia says:

    Ik doe mee! Er zitten heel gezellige dingetjes bij, ben ook benieuwd naar de poop-lolly haha! :yay:

  14. Maureen says:

    Ik heb een aantal stappen gevolgd. Ik doe mee :-)

  15. Dalinka says:

    Leeeuk! Ik doe zeker mee. Vooral de portemonnee voor kleingeld vind ik echt té schattig. En die Jewelry Seal Deco stickers doen me echt denken aan mijn kindertijd. Toen plakte ik die dingen echt overal op haha. Ik moest ook lachen om: Japan they often use poop as a cute and fun object which is a little weird but it works somehow. Maar die drol emoticon is inderdaad ook best schattig, dus het werkt blijkbaar wel zo!

  16. Jinn says:

    Waah ik wil ook meedoen! <3 ben nog wel ff bezig met alle stappen wahah!

  17. Dinja says:

    Zo schattig :D ik vind die Stamp set wel echt heel gaaf ^_^
    En tuurlijk doe ik mee aan je winactie!

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