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A while ago I told you guys that I was going to switch from my iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S5. I’m still in love with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and not regretting my switch at all so I wanted to show you guys what’s currently on my phone.

Most paid apps I’m using I got for free, the only app I paid for is the full version of Novo Launcher. The rest of the paid apps I got through Aptoide. You don’t need to root your phone to use Aptoide.

Here you can see my lockscreen and my homescreen. The lockscreen is pretty basic with a Sailor Moon background. At the top of my homescreen I have the “Cute White Cat clock” which is an Hello Kitty themed clock.

whats on my phone

On my homescreen I keep my most used apps which are:

Camera | Gallery | Facebook | Gmail
Instagram | Battle Camp | Evernote | Music
Phone | 9292 | Reisplanner | Play Store
Chrome | SMS | Whatsapp | Telegram

kawaii s5 kawaii calendar s5

Here you can see the screens to the left and right of my homescreen. On the left screen you can see all the applications that I have. The ones I use a lot are outside of the folders. The folders aren’t normal folders, I use an app called “Retro Girly Folders” to create them. You can make folders with all kinds of design’s with it. You can get the full version for free through Aptoide.

The apps that are outside of the folders are:

Timely | HAN4me | Rabo Bankieren | Nike Running | Weather Pro
Somnote | Shortcut to my WordPress | Flashlight

On the right screen I have this really cute calendar widget called “Coletto Calendar“. I love the fact that I can see all my calendar stuff with one swipe.

samsung galaxy s5 samsung galaxy s5

These are screenshot’s of the first two folders on my left screen. The picture on the left is my Media folder.

Youtube | Spotify | VLC | Netflix | Music
8tracks Gemist

The picture on the right contains my Travel folder. Most of the apps in my travel folder are only usable in the Netherlands.

Google Maps | OV-Chip Checker | 9292 | ANWB Onderweg | NS Reisplanner

samsung galaxy s5 samsung galaxy s5

The next two folders are my Tools and Social folders. In the tools folder I basically keep any kind of tool app or other apps that don’t really fit in another folder.

Shazam | Calculator | Dropbox | Google | Google Drive
TV Gids | IMDb | uTorrent | AntTek Explorer | Google Translate
Wunderlist| Mijn Hi| Dopper|| Buienalarm
Voice Recorder

Next up is my Social folder.

Pinterest | Tumblr | We Heart It | Facebook Messenger | Skype
Twitter| Facebook Pages Manager | MyfitnessPal

samsung galaxy s5 samsung galaxy s5

These are my Games & Photography folders. I think the names are self explanatory.

samsung galaxy s5 samsung galaxy s5

Lastly are my Shopping & Customize folders.

In my Shopping folder you’ll find:

H&M | Etsy | Aldi | Marktplaats | eBay
Forever 21| AliExpress| PayPal| Reclamefolder

In my Customize folder are my customisation apps. Not all of my customisation apps are here, only the ones that I use more than once so my widgets aren’t in there.

CocoPPa  |Line Deco | Icon Changer | Phone Themeshop ~ iFont
Zedge | Aptoide | AntTek Explorer| Icon Changer

That’s it for my Samsung Galaxy S5.

What are your favorite apps?

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