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whats on my 3ds

I sometimes post 3DS reviews here even though I know many of you might not have one. I really love my 3DS and wanted to write something about it. And not just what it is, because most of you probably already know that. I love my 3DS because it’s easy to carry around and I love the kind of games that Nintendo makes for it. It’s great for long train rides or if you have to wait a while. I carry it with me almost every day.


One interesting feature it has is Streetpass it enables you to ‘meet’ other people that have a 3DS and pass by you. Their Mii (a custom character you create) will be transferred to your 3DS and you can play games with it. It can also unlock things in games you have like free gifts.

My favourite games

There are a lot of games I like but I tried to pick out the ones I put the most hours into. Some of them have different names in Europe and the USA.

  • Animal Crossing
  • Fantasy Life
  • Style Savvy / Style Boutique
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

style savvy Animal crossing new leaf Fantasy life Pokemon omega ruby

My newest game

My newest game is Disney Magical World. It’s a game where you have to collect stickers by completing quests, running your own cafe, creating clothing, fishing & much more. It’s really cute and there are a lot of disney characters in it.


Free & Cheap games

In the eShop, a shop on the 3DS you can buy all kinds of games. Often games that aren’t available in the store. You can also get a few free games like Pokemon Shuffle. If you’re looking for new games then you can download a lot of demo’s from there. It’s also a good idea to check your local secondhand website. For the Netherlands that is Marktplaats, there are often a of lof cheap games that are around € 40 new in stores, and secondhand for around € 5.

Skin & Themes

I made my own custom skin on the DecalGirl website. It isn’t the cheapest website but you can make the skin exactly how you want and it’s great quality. If you don’t like to spend a lot of money but want a cute decal sticker on it there are plenty on eBay and Etsy. There also are two places where you can put phone accessories. I put a cute little pink fluff ball on mine. On the theme store you can get all kinds of different themes for your 3DS. You get a couple free ones but you can buy specific ones from games for a few bucks. The one I have on it now is the Rosalina theme.

3ds eevee espeon umbreon 2

Do you own a 3DS?

25 Mar 2015 | 15 Comments


  1. Thank you for following my blog! I just followed back as I really like your posts!
    I am the true definition of a 3DS addict haha, also working on an upcoming post about it <3
    I like your personal designed sticker! Right now I have a Koralikkuma cover by San-X for mine.
    BTW just to give you a heads up, in October the new 3DS releases a bundle for the new Animal Crossing (Happy Home Designer) and comes in XL and the normal size. The Xl is white with the cutest AC print on it, so finally we dutch kawaii girlies will have the option to buy the new 3DS in white with a cute design. Its already up for pre-order at Nedgame

    xoxo Jasmijn Naomi

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Thanks for following back ^^ Your blog is really cute :3 Ah curious about your post, I’m always looking for new games :]
      Yeah I saw the new AC 3DS XL still not sure if I want it though, I like the whiteness but the colorful print is just not my thing, but maybe ill just order a custom sticker for that one again ^_^

  2. gloomy says:

    i have a 3ds xl! style savvy is the BEST GAME EVER OMG.

  3. Dinja says:

    Yay for the 3DS <3

  4. yukulicious says:

    Your DS looks adorable.
    Do you plan on buying a New3DS?
    This post really inspires me to talk about games, too.
    I should probably do that soon, too…

    My 3DS is smaller than yours and I really regret not buying a XL – since it was already available when I got mine…

    1. xSann says:

      I’m not to sure if i’m going to buy the New3DS, I don’t really think the new features are that impressive. But I might if they come out with games with those functions that I like or if they make a pink or white version. ^^

      1. yukulicious says:

        There is a white version… one of my favortie features is, that you can change the case of it, anyway and I saw a couple of really cute ones out there already. A lot of them aren’t released in Europe yet, though…

        1. xSann says:

          Sadly the all white one (New 3DS XL not the small one) is only in Japan :( Here in the Netherlands we only have blue & black for the XL. Yeah love the case changing idea but sadly it’s only for the small one and I am to used to my XL to go back to the smaller size. But I love that the small one has the covers and is more portable ^^ And yeah so stupid that they only release most of them in japan and we only get a few.

  5. Feathers says:

    Your 3DS is so cute! What edition is that?

    Feathers || Ah! So Cute!

    1. xSann says:

      Thank you, it’s the white 3ds XL, the eevolutions are the skin that’s on it ^^

  6. Sophie says:

    I’d have to say the Nintendo 3DS is my favorite gaming platform I can’t wait to save up so I can buy the new version. Even though we get really good games in USA and Europe I still wish we got a lot of the Japan exclusives because there are some really cute games that I’ve been dying to play like the Jewel Pet one’s for example. I have quite a collection but I’d have to say my favorite 3Ds games are Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life, Disney’s Magical World, All the Professor Layton Series, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X, and Cooking Mama.

    Love the design on yours it’s really pretty. ;)

    1. xSann says:

      Yeah it’s true that Japan has the cutest games, I hope more cute games come to the EU and USA. I love to try cooking mama might buy that next ^_^. Thank you :3

  7. Melissa says:

    I love playing Animal Crossing, and Pokemon X on my 3ds

  8. yapo says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy a 3ds for a long time now but whenever I get extra money I spend it on other stuff because Im easily distracted hahaha. I still want to buy a 3ds tho and play cute cute games~!!

    Even tho I dont have one, I really enjoyed reading this post!

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