Whats in my bag? | Jan 2014


Today I’m gonna do a “What’s in my bag” for my small little bag that I take with me for shopping or visiting friends. On school days of course I will have a different bag with me since I can’t fit a laptop in here. Trust me if everything for my school day would fit in this then I would carry it with me all the time.

I have two small bags that I use for this purpose. Since the cutest one is a little small if I have to travel far or go shopping. These are the contents that are mostly in the bags, but some things I may leave at home when I carry the smallest bag.

Most used bags


The first one is a My Melody bag by Sanrio. I love it so much but sadly it’s a little bit small so I can’t take it with me all the time when I travel far.


The second one is a Tokidoki replica bag. I love Tokidoki for it’s prints and I have a real bag from them to but I just think that around 60$ for a tiny bag is way to much. And the print I have was not really findable anywhere.

So, what’s in it?


1. 3DS XL | I love playing on my 3DS and meeting new people with streetpass.

2. Water bottle | So I can refill it before I go.

3. Car key | I only take this with me when I have to take my car somewhere.

4. iPhone | I barely leave the house without it.

5. Wallet | I also carry this around with me anywhere I go since all my cards are in like my ID which in the Netherlands you are suppose to have with you at all times. I’m not sure about other countries.

6. Chewing gum | The flavour differs from time to time.

7. OV card | In the Netherlands we need to have this card when you take the train or bus to anywhere.

8. Rosebud Salve| I love this lip balm so much.

I also always carry earphones with me but I forgot to photograph them.

What’s in your bag?

28 Jan 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. Floor Flawless says:

    Ik vind dat eerste tasje zo ontzettend cute! Ik moet zelf ook nog steeds een what’s in my bag doen. Ga ik waarschijnlijk dit weekend mee bezig!

  2. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    Yay thanks for blog inspiration <3
    I have a lot of bags… o.o

  3. Anne Solveig - says:

    Leuk om te zien!

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