Utrecht Cosplay Meeting – 24 March

On Saturday i went to a cosplay meeting in Utrecht that a friend of mine Dinja was organizing. When she started organizing it she tought oh maybe there will be like 20 people. But on Friday it said 103 people on Facebook. A lot of people I knew where going.

The weather was really really nice like 19 C. The hottest day in March this year. I could even walk around without a jacket!

When I arrived at the station a huge group of cosplayers was waiting already and i had a little bit of trouble finding Dinja because there where so many people. After finding her she decided to split up the group because it was getting to big for the station and we where afraid that we would get send away if we got any bigger. I waited with Dinja and some other people for the rest of the people to arrive because some where running late like my friend Dimitri.

After everyone was there we went to the Maria plaats. A beautiful courtyard close to a music school. It was a great place for pictures. The rest of the day we just chilled, went to the arcade hall and went to get some food and blew a lot of bubbles.

It was really nice and i met a lot of new people.

Bubbles <3



A sign the Ouran Highschool Host club group made for collecting hugs :3


OMG a group of wild old people approaching!


Emo Mark
Air hockey, good team me and Dinja


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