Tony Chocolonely Limited Editions 2015


A while ago I tested the new Tony Chocolonely Limited Edition chocolate bars for 2015 together with Dinja. We also made a video about it.

I finally made my first Youtube video together with Dinja, it is in dutch though since it’s my first one and Dinja’s blog is in dutch. But I will write our conclusions down here in english so you will still know what we think.

This was our first time trying Tony Chocolonely chocolate in general but when we saw the box with all tree bars in them in a store we couldn’t resist. The box with all three costed € 10. If you live in the Netherlands you can buy them at Marqt, Bijenkorf, Wereldwinkels, Waar! and Tony’s online store.

Tony Chocolonely Lemon Cheesecake

Melk Lemon Cheesecake (Milk Lemon Cheesecake)

This one tasted like regular milk chocolate, there was a little bit of something in it but if you would make me guess what it was then lemon cheesecake would not pass my mind.



Tony Chocolonely Discodip


Melk popcorn discodip (Milk popcorn sprinkles)

This chocolate bar tasted exactly like chocolate rice waffles. I’m a little disappointed with the fact that it’s named discodip but it doesn’t have rainbow sprinkles in it just regular sprinkles.



Tony Chocolonely Amandel Zeezout

Puur amandel zeezout (Dark almond seasalt)

I loved loved loved this one. I really like the combination of chocolate with salt or anything savory with something sweet. So this one was perfect for me. Dark chocolate is also my favourite kind of chocolate so that’s great to. I also loved that it had pieces of almond in it.



Have you ever tried Tony Chocolonely Chocolate?

3 Jan 2016 | 13 Comments


  1. Emily says:

    The packaging looks amazing and I love anything with chocolate!!!

    xoxo Emily

  2. ACYHOZ says:

    omg nooit van the limited edition versie gehoord, WIL ZO GRAAG PROBEREN. Ik ga even langs een wereld winkel, om te kijken of ze daar een paar hebben hehe <3 thanks for the share!

  3. Anna-Alina says:

    I’ve never seen it in the shops here!Happy New Year!!! If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I’ll follow you back! ♥

  4. Mariska says:

    Wat een smaken! Tony chocolonely (wat kut om te typen zeg) is al mijn favoriete chocolademerk maar ik ben nog niet aan de gekke smaken gegaan, klinkt wel heel lekker!

  5. Leuk filmpje! Ik heb van de LE alleen die met discodip en popcorn geproefd en die vond ik wel heel lekker. Mijn favoriet is melk-zeezout caramel!

  6. Oh wat jammer van die discodip, ik had ook lekker veel kleurtjes verwacht! x

  7. Melissa says:

    Zelf ook Lemon cheesecake geprobeerd, maar vond hem echt tegenvallen. Proefde niks geen cheesecake in.
    Grote van Chocolade met zeezout.

  8. Roxanne says:

    I have tried Tony’s before but from these limited editions I have only tried the popcorn discodip and it was sooo yummy!! :D

  9. Die met zeezout o_o L_L Ik ben gek op deze combinatie, dus deze wil echt graag proberen :D

  10. robin says:

    ik hou van zeezout smaken <3 de lekkerste vind ik nog met cappuccino smaak, die smaakt als die koffie Merci's XD :nod:

  11. Dinja says:

    Ondanks dat ik ze iets minder vond, vond ik het toch heel leuk om samen te testen :D
    En als ik zou moeten kiezen, dan word het toch wel de Melk lemon cheesecake :3

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