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Back when Facebook bought WhatsApp some people switched to Telegram. Telegram is an online messaging app like WhatsApp but it has a few extras.

  • Desktop client for Windows, Mac & Linux (no not only in the browser like WhatsApp.
  • You can easily send big files
  • You can send messages and files to yourself. It’s great for reminders or for transferring something between your phone and desktop quickly.
  • Custom cute stickers

Custom cute stickers

A week ago Telegram got custom stickers. The idea is like Facebook but you can make your own sets or download sets from others. This results in many cute or funny sets like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Vocaloid etc.

There isn’t really a page with all the sets because users create them. I decided to share my favourite sets with you.


  • Download and install Telegram
  • Open the sticker set urls on your phone and Telegram will ask you to add them.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon
:lwing:  Install Sailor Moon Stickers  :rwing:

More Pokemon

More Pokemon
:lwing:  Install Pokemon Stickers  :rwing:

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros
:lwing:  Install SMB Stickers  :rwing:

My Little Pony FIM

:lwing:  Install MLP Stickers  :rwing:

Miku Line

Miku Line
:lwing:  Install Miku Stickers  :rwing:

Miku Line 2

Miku Line 2
:lwing:  Install Miku Stickers  :rwing:


mamegoma stickers
:lwing:  Install Mamegoma Stickers  :rwing:


pusheen stickers
:lwing:  Install Pusheen Stickers  :rwing:

 :lwing:  More sticker sets on Reddit  :rwing:

 :lwing: More sticker sets on Acido  :rwing:

What is your favourite set?

4 Jun 2015 | 3 Comments


  1. mukesh says:

    You can use telegram stickers in whatsapp and facebook with @StickerDownloadBot in telegram.
    Try that ;)

  2. Chobi says:

    Aww cute stickers for telegram! It’s cool you can use customize tickers in telegram!

  3. ash says:

    haha that’s such a funny time when ppl got scared. This is such a nice article with an interesting topic~ I really like the stickers, but I prefer using LINE. I actually use kkt and whatsapp as well ^^

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