Elf Fantasy Fair 2014 | Snow Princess

snow princess tiara

From 19 – 21 april is the Elf Fantasy Fair in Haarzuilens, Netherlands. The Elf Fantasy Fair is a event surrounding fantasy from trolls and witches to LARP to Game of Thrones. It’s held around at a big castle called ‘Castle de haar’.

There are all kinds of stands and events for the visitors. I love it because like 50% of the people who are there are wearing self made costumes so it’s really cool to see all those costumes. It is one of the biggest if not the biggest fantasy event in the Netherlands. This year I decided to do a Snow Princess themed costume. I looked online for inspiration and ended up finding this video.

Sadly those victorian dresses are really really expensive around here. And I didn’t want to spend that kind of money for something that I would wear only once or twice so I decided to go for a more lolita like dress.

I searched around the internet for item’s that would fit that theme.

snow princess costume

Here is a picture of the whole outfit together. The furry thing is a wrap for around my shoulders.

snowflake jewellery

The necklace charm and earrings I bought on eBay. For around $4 together. I really love them.

white lolita tea party shoes

The shoes and also the dress are from Bodyline. They are great for their price. Bodyline is known to be a little less quality then the big Lolita brands like Angelic Pretty. But those cost a lot more and are aimed at asian girls so their sizes are really tiny. That’s why most of my Lolita item’s are from Bodyline.

snow princess tiara

I bought this tiara from eBay. It was around $11. I think the quality is pretty oke for this price.

Final result

The final result you can see in my Elf Fantasy Fair 2014 post.

Have you ever made a costume?

19 Apr 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. Sabine says:

    I love it! Really want to see how everything looked put together.

    1. Thank you ^_^ And I already got that award before, you can find it here ->
      But thanks anyways :3

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