Shopping in Amsterdam

So today i went shopping in Amsterdam and I met Nadiska in real life for the first time. Well i saw her once before at Animecon but we didn’t know each other at that time and it was only 2 minutes so i didn’t really remember it.

We searched for cute shops online a couple days ago so we could get cute stuff because if you don’t know where to go in Amsterdam you most of the time only find souvenir shops. We went to some Toko’s a cute store with Hello kitty, Domo kun, Rilakkuma and some other stuff and another store that was a combo between souvenir store and hello kitty. We also went to Local Fanatic, that’s a alternative clothing store that also sells fake Tokidoki bags. After that we went to a merchandise store with Pokemon and game stuff.
After that we went to Mac Donalds because we heard that there where My Little Pony and Pokemon happy meals. The first Mac Donalds we found didn’t have the new Happy Meals so we walked a little more to a different Mac Donalds. That one did have them! Since i couldn’t decide which one to take because the Pokemon one had Pikachu I bought 2.
I got Pikachu and Applejack and Nadiska got Pikachu. Pikachu’s cheeks have light in them and they light up if you press his tale, so cute! The Pikachu are in love already 
When we where at Mac Donalds we checked our 3DS’s and WOW we met someone on our 3DS who lives in Japan! How awesome is that! 
Here is some stuff that i bought
A strawberry pillow, that smells like strawberry!!


Fake Tokidoki bag
 Pikachu pen and pencil pen
Cola Hello Kitty candy’s (The box says super sour but they really aren’t)
Strawberry gummi’s with chocolate around them, they are really yummy.
Here is a list of addresses in Amsterdam where we went so if you want to check the stores out you can. 
Kadoos & Zo (Hello kitty/Souvenirs)
Nieuwe Hoogstraat 11
Local Fanatic/Camoflage (Alternative Clothing & Fake Tokidoki bags)
Nieuwe Hoogstraat 13-M
Wah Kiu (Hello kitty, Domo-Kun, Rilakkuma)
Geldersekade 102
Space oddity (Hello kitty, Pokemon, Games merchandise)
Prinsengracht 204
Toko Dun Yong (There are also some other toko’s close to this one)
Stormsteeg 9
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