Sailor Moon x Tralala Fashion Collab

sailormoon tralala

Because of the release of Sailor Moon Crystal a lot of new merchandise was introduced. A cute brand called Tralala in Japan decided to do a collaboration with the company from Sailor Moon which resulted in Sailor Moon x Tralala.

They made an outfit inspired by Sailor Moon for girls. This isn’t the only collaboration they did, they also worked together with Samantha Vega to make accessories like bags.

Even though the prices where high the clothes sold out very fast because it was limited edition.  They did bring out a second release with a few new items but with shipping & shopping service costs it becomes very pricy. Lucky for us foreigners a lot of Chinese companies decided to make fake versions of the products at a lower price for us to buy. Because there are different companies making the products they will not be the same quality from every seller.

sailor moon tralala model 2 sailor moon tralala model

They made an outfit consisting of  a top, skirt, sweater, vest & make-up bag each of them come in multiple colours. Sadly everything is one size although some of the bootleg makers do make multiple sizes.

sailor moon top tralala

 :lwing: Buy real at Tralala :rwing:

 :lwing:  Buy fake at Kiseki (Together with skirt) | Buy fake at eBay :rwing:

sailor moon sweater

 :lwing: Buy real at Tralala :rwing:

 :lwing: Buy fake at eBay :rwing:

sailormoon x tralala vest

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 :lwing: Buy fake at eBay :rwing:

sailor moon tralala skirt

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 :lwing:  Buy fake at Kiseki (Together with top) | Buy fake at eBay  :rwing:

sailor moon x tralala makeup bag

Buy real at:

 :lwing: Buy real at Tralala :rwing:

Do you like this collaboration?

18 Aug 2015 | 3 Comments


  1. Farrah says:

    That outfit is so darn cute!

  2. Olivia says:

    Oh my gosh it all looks SO cute!!! I still have a cute sweater with a sailor collar on my wishlist, so when I have time I’ll try to make one myself c:

  3. I really love Sailor Moon *-* I want all the new merchan and clothes and all!

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