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Primark shoplog dresses

Last weekend I went shopping with Dinja at Rotterdam Zuidplein. It was the first time we went there because we wanted to visit a Primark location that we haven’t seen before.

Rotterdam Zuidplein is a great shopping location with lots of cheap stores and a lot of yummy food places. It’s one of those inside malls with only one big floor if that makes sense. I didn’t buy to many things at Primark because I’m trying to only buy things that I really love to minimise buying stuff that I will never wear.

ice cream bubble tea

Of course we also had to get some bubble tea. Sadly there was no frozen yoghurt to be found but we found this place where you can combine your own ice cream at the center of Rotterdam so that was a good alternative. The ice cream photo is made by Dinja.

Primark dresses

:greyheart:  Light purple dress € 3 :greyheart: Dark purple floral Dress € 7 :greyheart:

I bought the light purple dress as a D.I.Y. project because I love the shape of the dress but really want to dye it dark red or dark purple and for just € 3 I couldn’t resist.

primark haul eyeshadow brush wooden heart duvet cover

:greyheart: Duvet Cover Angel Wings € 16 :greyheart: Wooden Heart € 1.50 :greyheart: Eyeshadow & Concealer Brush € 1.50 :greyheart:

Duvet cover primark angel wings

Here’s a close up of the Angel Wings 200×200 duvet cover, I’m also using it as a background for these pictures. Honestly all the duvet covers I own at the moment are from Primark because they are cheap and really beautiful.

Other stores

We also went to a few other stores because there were so many cheap ones. I bought a few planner supplies because I’m currently looking into these paper ringband planners. These were so cheap and cute, I just couldn’t resist them.

Planner supplies kawaii

:greyheart:  Planner Stamps € 2,99 – SoLow  :greyheart: Deco tape € 0,99 for 5 – SoLow :greyheart:

Pore facemask

:greyheart: Black seaweed peel-off face mask €1,50 – Op = Op shop :greyheart:

What do you like the most?

30 Sep 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. Eva says:

    OMG dat dekbed overtrek is echt zo leuk! <3
    Altijd als ik de prijzen van de Primark zie dan denk ik: neeee dat kan toch niet?! Zo goedkoop haha! Het blijft me verbazen. Je hebt wel echt schattige dingen gekocht.

  2. Claudia says:

    Die jurkjes zijn erg leuk! Ik wil nog een keer bubble tea proberen :P

  3. Olivia says:

    OMG the washi tape is so cute!! And I love the photos you’ve made as well! ♡

  4. Dinja says:

    Het was echt gezellig ^_^
    Volgende keer Antwerpen? ;p

  5. Lieke says:

    Die deco tape is te schattig! En bubble tea wil ik ook nog wel eens proberen, lijkt me erg lekker :3

  6. yukulicious says:

    Washi-tape is crazily expensive whenever I am lucky enough to find it at all and seeing all this cute supplies that I only had the chance to see and buy in Korea really makes me want to go to Rotterdam more than I wanted to check out locations in Europe anyway. OTL

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      These aren’t exactly washi tapes they are more glossy and i’m not sure if you can remove them after, or write on them like washi. Though HEMA, Action & Xenos do sell them sometimes for kind of cheap. Doesn’t Germany have some cheap stores that sell random stuff? Those are often the ones to carry them. It’s fun to check out new locations ^^ I have been in Berlin with school a while back for an exchange week project thing. And I sometimes go to DM because I live close to the border, you have so much cheaper shampoo and other hygiene stuff it’s like double the price here XD I saw some cheap washi on eBay so maybe you can check that out ^_^

  7. Kim says:

    Wauw wat een prachtige foto’s maak jij!

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Aww heel erg bedankt :D Dit maakt me echt blij ^_^ Ik doe m’n best ook al heb ik nog geen perfecte foto locatie, ben nog aan het sparen voor lampen want mijn slaapkamer heeft geen ramen voor daglicht >.< " De foto's op jou blog zijn ook echt supermooi :3 Spiegelreflex? ^_^

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