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Yesterday Dinja and I went to the Primark in Almere. We also visited some other stores in Almere after that and a store at Utrecht Central Station. Click here to read Dinja’s shoplog. First things first, Primark. Like usual it was pretty crowded at the Primark. But because we took an very early train we had enough time to look around slowly. We didn’t buy as much stuff at the Primark as usual, but we did buy things that we really liked. So no ‘Oh this is cheap and I kinda like it but not love it.’ and then it stays in the closet forever kind of buys.

We didn’t really go into the fitting room since, like usual there was a huge line in front of it and we didn’t want wait for an hour.

IMG_1307 headband-roses brown-floral-bag


  • Blue denim dress ~ € 15,-
  • Grey lace sweater  ~ € 15,-
  • Light brown girly bag  ~ € 10,-
  • Black girly bag  ~ € 10,-
  • Creme floral headband  ~ € 2,50
  • Pink roses circle headband  ~ € 3,50
  • Pink roses elastic headband  ~ € 3,-
  • Roses cat headband ~ € 6,-

After we went to Primark we decided to get something to eat, and we found this really cute cheap little bread/lunch shop called “BackWERK“. I really suggest you check it out if you are going shopping in Almere. Since it is so cheap it is almost a steal, Dinja and me where really like “WTF!” o_o  when we saw the prices. You could buy like a pretty big pretzel for like 50 cents or something.


When we where done eating we visited some other stores like “BigBazaar“, “C&A“, “H&M“, “GameMania“, “NewYorker” and some other random stores. We also went to “Amazing Oriental” to get some interesting sweets and drinks. If you have never been there before and are interested in testing foreign food then you should really check it out, it is located in a few big city’s in the Netherlands.

After we where done shopping we decided to head back home. On the way home we had to pass Utrecht Central Station since that is where Dinja and me separate our ways. Because we both live in different parts of the country.  :(

At Utrecht Central Station we had to wait a little while for my train and Dinja’s bus to leave so we walked by this store called “It’s me“. And from the corner of my eye I saw a pink small umbrella with cute little bow’s on it so I had to check the store out. And it seems that it’s a  jewellery store with a few very cute item’s. So we looked around and I found two things that I really liked.



  • Silver white rhinestone ring~ € 12,95
  • Gold heart locket necklace  ~ € 6,95

Do you ever go to Primark?

10 Jul 2014 | 6 Comments


  1. Janine says:

    Hele leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Die tassen zijn super mooi en de bloemenkransen ook!
    BackWerk is echt fijn, ik ken het al uit Duitsland maar wist niet dat ze ook vestigingen in NL hadden!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wat een leuke aankopen :) Almere is een leuke stad om te shoppen

  3. Leuke dingetjes! Ik ga aankomende dinsdag naar de Primark in Eindhoven :)

  4. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    We sure have to do more shopping trips together! (so we can make shoplogs!)

    1. Yea ^_^ Always fun to shop with you :3

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