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Poro cosplay tutorial horns

For Animecon 2015 an anime convention I decided to cosplay Poro from League of Legends. I decided to share the creation of the horns and Poro Snax with you. You can also use this for other cosplays or if you want to make a Halloween costume with horns or something.

You can also use this technique for other cosplay props. I used the same technique for Ashe’s bow that I made last year. If you guys wanna see the pictures for that to just leave a comment.

poro drawing


Poro horns tutorial

Here is how I made the horns and Poro Snax. Like I said before you can use this tutorial for many other props.

Tools I used

  • Expanding foam
  • Utility knife
  • Light yellow paper tape
  • Electric wire
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Old newspapers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Headband

Step-1-Expanding Foam

Step 1 – Expanding Foam
To start off I draw the horn shape on a paper and copied it so I had two pieces. After that I put expanding foam on the paper. I used the cheapest expanding foam I could find, it doesn’t really matter what brand you use.

Cutting foam props

Step 2 – Cutting foam props
After the foam was dry I cut it with a utility knife till its the shape I liked.

yellow tape

Step 3 – Wrap it with wire and tape
I wrapped the horns with a electric wire for some depth. After that I wrapped it all in light yellow paper tape. I also made a Poro Snax with the same technique as you can see next to the horns.


Step 4 – Paper mache
I got some wallpaper paste and made paper mache from some old newspapers and put that all over the horns and Poro Snax.

Poro horns and poro snax cosplay

Step 5 – Paint & glue
After that I just painted everything with acrylic paint. Again the cheapest brand I could find and glued the horns to a headband that I painted white to match my hair. And then everything was done. It took me like 3 days because the layers had to dry in between.

I hope this helps some of you who want to make props for a cosplay or costume. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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