Pokemon is 20 years old! 1996 – 2016


In 1996 the first Pokemon game was released in Japan. Not knowing what a big hype it would be. Now 20 years later new Pokemon games are still being released.

Because of the anniversary there are a lot of new releases planned.

red omega ruby

Go to the Pokemon timeline, from the beginning till now

Pokemon Yellow, Blue & Red

The original games where released for the 3DS on 27 februari. The games are for sale for €10 in the Nintendo e-shop. You can now trade without the link cable. I’m playing yellow right now and it’s so fun to see that old world back again. You really notice how much better the games have gotten.

The first games in Japan where actually red & green. The Japanese green version is the same as the english blue version. They did release a blue version in Japan but it was only after the first two and it was a little different then the others.

A few things I noticed are:

  • You can’t catch Pokemon when your box is full.
  • You can only carry a limited amount of items.
  • You can only store a limited amount of items.
  • No running shoes.
  • You can only be a boy.

They released a special red & blue limited edition 3DS with Charizard & Blastoise coverplates. They also released special edition packs for the 2DS in red, blue, yellow & green (Japan only). The limited editions come with a preinstalled version of one of the old games.

Pokemon 3ds red blue    2d limited edition

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go for mobile phones which is in beta right now and will be released sometime this year. I’m really curious what this game will be like. And will it be pay to win or totally free?

Pokemon Sun & Moon

A few days ago the next games where announced. Pokemon Sun & Moon where announced for the 3DS. There are a lot of rumours going around that they might have a new generation to catch. There also are some signs that the story will be in Hawaii.

Have you ever played Pokemon?

5 Feb 2016 | 4 Comments


  1. Mija says:

    Pokemon game was announced for the Switch – it looks so good!!!

  2. Kim says:

    How is Pokemon 20?! That makes me feel old lol.

    I’ve played Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal and Soul Silver. I’m also playing Pokemon Go for Android. I had a N64 too and played Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap.

  3. sam says:

    Love this post! How is Pokemon 20? I played Blue as a kid and I have been hooked since. So looking forward to the release of the new game (I’m getting Moon). =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. yukulicious says:

    “Have you ever played Pokémon?” ….
    The question resounds in my head as I look over at the last +9 copies of games that are neatly stacked with my Pikachu amiibo on top, right next to the shelf with my 300+ Pokémon TCG cards (that desperately need to be sorted) and the Pikachu coin bank.
    …. I guess I am kind of obsessed. o_o
    I started playing Pokémon in 2003 – so I’m not one of the first generation children but only because my parents wouldn’t give me a Gameboy until then, so I could only watch my friends play or play Pokémon Stadium on their Nintendo 64. (good old times! they should do a remake of this! :nod: )
    But ever since my Sapphire Edition I got at least one of the main games.
    I can’t wait for Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Go is going to be really interesting, too!
    I don’t plan to get the downloadable Yellow/Blue/Red edition though because I know how easily frustrated I get over the old game’s tardiness XD

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