Pokémon cards heart wall decoration

kawaii cards

I love collecting Pokémon cards but they are in a album so I don’t look at them often. For a while I have been wanting to create something with them on my wall but since I had to repaint the wall first it kind of took a while but I finally got to it.

The first thing I did was sort out my Pokémon cards to see which one I thought where to cutest. I especially like the Pokémon cards drawn by Sui. After sorting them I tried placing them in a heart shape where none of the colours where to close to each other.

Pokémon cards

Finally I taped the back of the Pokémon cards together, one by one and put it on my wall with some strong tape, the kind that can hold 5kg. I’m really happy with the result   :yay:

Pokemon card heart - small

Do you still own Pokémon cards?

Pokémon starters

1 Jul 2014 | 2 Comments


  1. Kayra says:

    That looks really cute! Sometimes I wish I had a room full of cutesy stuff and game memorabilia, but I change my mind way to often to completely rearrange my room like that. I’ll just live that fantasy through your blog, haha!

    1. Just buy stuff that you like, that’s how I do it. I love rooms that are in like one cute style to but some of the stuff in my room that doesn’t fit in the “theme” I could never get rid of. So just buy things you like even if they don’t fit in a theme ^_^.

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