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pink gradient hair

I wanted to try unnatural hair colours for a while now but I never really had the guts to do it. But for Abunai, an Anime convention in the Netherlands, I decided to cosplay the Arcade Miss Fortune skin from League of Legends. Since this was a last minute choice I didn’t have time to buy a wig. Since I really wanted to cosplay her I was like screw this, i’m just gonna dye my hair pink. Thinking that it would wash out in like a week.

Now, 5 weeks later my hair is still pink, a very faded pink but still noticeable. So I wanted to share my experiences with you.

The dye I used was Carnation Pink and Turquoise by Directions. Since my hair was really platinum blonde to begin with I didn’t really have to bleach it. I diluted the dye’s with the cheapest white conditioner I could find.

platinum blonde hair pink gradient hair
Before | After

This was right after I dyed it. I wasn’t able to make a normal picture and got frustrated and then this picture happened… yeah.

pink gradient hair
After 2 weeks

I tried to get it lighter because I had my first day of school after the convention and I tried some different methods people suggested on Youtube like the Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo + Vitamin C tablets. It lightened up a little bit but not that much in my opinion.

How people reacted

The reactions from people where really different then what I expected. Some random strangers actually walked up to me to tell me they loved my hair colour. But some other people, especially older people and those shallow minded teens who only want to be popular looked at me like I was crazy.

There really was a difference between reactions in my small little town and in the city to. In the city was where people approached me to say they liked it and in the small town was where people looked very judgemental.

Tough after like 2 weeks I noticed two other girls on my train station who dyed their hair pink to. So I guess I may have inspired them since there has never been anyone with pink hair in my little town.

I did notice that people took me less serious since I had pink hair.

Will I keep getting unnatural colors now?

I’m not sure. I really love the pink, and as the next colour I’m thinking of dyeing it light pink with dark pink tips or lavender. But I’m also thinking of just going back to platinum blonde so people will take me more seriously.

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were¬†born to stand out?”

What do you think?

4 Oct 2014 | 9 Comments


  1. Jasmine :-) says:

    I have never dyed my hair before, I’m somewhat scared of dying it because my Mom is EXTREMELY allergic to hair dye even the hypo-allergenic ones. She has to go to an organic store to buy a special dye. If she dyes her hair it will start pussing and her hair falls out. I have to bleach it because my hair is a super dark brown, I’m really scared and I don’t know what to do. :lwing: ;_; :rwing:

    1. Ow that’s so sad that your mom is allergic :( Do you maybe know what ingredient she is allergic for? I know that the unnatural hair colors do have other ingredients then the normal colours I found an ingredient list on their website: Maybe you can do some kind of allergie test to see if you have the same allergies?
      About the bleaching stuff it’s best to ask a hair dresser. Hope this helps.

      1. Jasmine says:

        I have a another question about the Luna Bag, when I ordered it from the site you listed my bag has still not come and I ordered it on November 28, 2015 and it’s the 14th of December. How come it’s not coming? Did shipping take a long time for you? I was hoping to get the bag before Christmas!

  2. Prettyyy <3 Ikzelf heb ook allemaal kleurtjes gehad en werd altijd raar aangestaard in het dorp. Nu ik het zwart heb nog steeds, maar het ligt natuurlijk ook grotendeels aan mijn volledige stijl

    1. admin says:

      Hmm ja, het ligt ook een beetje aan of je in een klein dorp woont of een grote stad, in mijn dorp werd ik al nagestaard toen ik blond haar had maar emo achtige kleding >.<

  3. Louise says:

    If my hair was not so fragile , they would be pink !
    I love your hair color.

    1. admin says:

      Aw what color is it naturally? Since the actual pink dye isn’t that damaging but yeah if you need to bleach it before it is sadly :(

  4. Sushy says:

    Prachtig haar! Ik vind niet-standaard haarkleuren ook heel mooi maar ik heb nooit het lef gehad om het te verven. Nu zal het ook lastig worden want ik werk meestal op kantoren en daar wordt dat helaas nog niet getolereerd (hangt misschien af van het bedrijf dat wel).

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