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lolita gold necklace

Yesterday I visited my friend Dinja. We made some Fimo (Polymer) clay things, cooked some food and talked a lot. We also decided to make outfit photos for our blogs, since Dinja studies photography and has a DSLR camera. So finally no crappy mirror pictures. 

Since it was gorgeous weather I really wanted to wear my new Lolita dress outside for the first time. I am still looking for some cute sandals to use with the dress but for the time being these little boots will do just fine.

casual lolita summer classiclolitalolita bag primark 


heart Necklace ~ It’s me
heart Dress ~ Bodyline
heart Bag ~ Primark
heart Shoes ~ Van Haren

And some basic skin coloured thighs.

Do you like outfit posts?

17 Jul 2014 | 1 Comment


  1. Dinja says:

    Yeaaaaah it was fun :3

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