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Last weekend I went to Osharecon with Dinja. Osharecon is a event in the Netherlands surrounding Japanese Fashion. Many Japanese Fashion styles are found here.I visit anime conventions a lot and Osharecon looks a little like one of those but it has a totally different theme of course. It’s great to see al the different styles and learn about them. There where people with all kinds of styles from Visual Kei to Lolita and from Gyaru to Decora.

Osharecon has a dealerroom where you can buy all kinds of Japanese Fashion inspired accessories but also plushies, figures and kawaii things.

party alpaca plush

Cute plushies at Summer Tales Boutique

kawaii chokers

Kawaii chokers at Yineko

chocolate bananas japanese candy

Cute japanese snacks at Seikatsu

Of course I couldn’t resist buying something cute. Dinja bought the shiny Butterfree and the Mew is mine.

mew and shiny butterfree plush

There also was a maid cafe called Honey Garden where maids or butlers serve you and you can take a picture with them. We decided to have something to eat there. Dinja got a decorated cake and I got the cheesecake. I love how they put some extra effort into the food at maid cafes to make it extra cute.

honeygarden maidcafemaidcafe cheesecakeshiny butterfree plush

It’s amazing to see how much effort everyone puts into their outfit. We decided to make photos of two lolita’s that had amazing outfits.

lolita fashion

There also where several fashion shows showing all kinds of Japanese fashion. The one we went to was the harajuku fashion show. Sadly we missed the Lolita fashion show but this one was really interesting too because of all the different styles.

japanese fashion show

We had a lot of fun at the convention, even though it isn’t the biggest it is the only one of it’s kind in the Netherlands. It was the first time I attended a convention as press and it was a really cool experience.

sanne and dinja selfie

Sadly this was probably the last edition of Osharecon. The creators have announced that they won’t be hosting the event next year. I really hope that it will come back in the future because it’s one of my favourite conventions. Of course we also had to make some outfit pictures.

dinja and sanne outfit pictures

Do you ever go to conventions or events?

1 Feb 2016 | 4 Comments


  1. Anoushka says:

    This looks so much fun, love the outfits! We have a similar event here in London that I went to a few weeks back, it was such a blast!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

  2. robin says:

    oMG DIE MEEEEW OMGG <3 ZOOO CUTE <3 hoop dat ik zoiets op animecon tegenkom *_*

  3. Dinja says:

    Het moet gewoon volgend jaar weer terug komen! Dan gaan we gewoon weer want het was zo gezellig :D
    Alleen wil ik dan wel echt de lolita fashion show zien ^^”

  4. Eva says:

    Jullie zien er allebei zo leuk uit :D Ik was vorig echt fan van Gyaru fashion en wilde ook nog eens naar Osharecon maar het is er eigenlijk nooit van gekomen. De alpaca’s zijn ook zo cute <3

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