My own apartment

Like one and half month ago i moved into my own little apartment because my school was to far away to travel every day. It’s in Woerden a city near Utrecht where i go to school. I tryd to look for a apartment in Utrecht but i was imposible to get because everybody wants one there since its a bit city with many colleges. And in Woerden i had to pay way less then Utrecht so this is fine to me. It’s also a lot more quiet. I found my room on after a few months of searching.

I live upstairs from an old man that has a girlfriend who lives somewhere else. He’s not home very often but hes really nice. I have got a big room where i live and sleep in and a kitchen with a shower in it.. Yeah who the hell has a shower in the kitchen right? Well i do 

My bed is my favourite place in my room.
My TV that i never actually use with figures.
Room divider thingy with games, dvds and drawers that hold my make-up
One side of my room with my make-up table.
Corner of my room, with my desk that I also never actually use.
Ugly kitchen, but it has a shower!
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