March Haul | New Yorker, Primark, Six

Rose Headband pearl

Yesterday I went shopping in Utrecht together with Dinja. But since I didn’t buy that much I decided to also include the items I bought the day before in Arnhem. I also bought some other small things but those weren’t that interesting.

Bunny Bag, Rose Headband, Quilt Wallet

:greyheart:  Bunny Bag ~ New Yorker  :greyheart:  Rose Pearl Headband ~ Six :greyheart:
:greyheart:  Gemstone Bracelets ~ Tuinen :greyheart:  Quilted Walled ~ Primark :greyheart:

Bunny Bag

I bought this tiny bunny ear bag at New Yorker. It was 5 euro even though the tag said 8. I needed a small bag for OshareCon that’s coming up soon and this one is perfect because it could fit my 3DS & wallet.

gemstone bracelet, rose quarts

These are two split bracelets, they are made from gemstones. The left one is made from Rose Quartz, the other one I’m not sure about. They were about 4 euro I think. You can also get these on eBay.

Quilt Wallet primark

Since my old wallet was falling apart I decided to just get this cheap one at Primark, it was 4 euro.

Rose Headband pearl

What can I say, isn’t this the cutest headband ever?

 :lwing:  What did you like the best?  :rwing:

11 Mar 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. yukulicious says:

    I like the bunny bag and the headband the best. They are both so cute and super girly (the rest too but I like them just too much) (´∀`)♡

  2. Dat tasje is echt super leuk! :)

  3. Kelly says:

    Wat een schattige items!

  4. José says:

    Wat schattig zeg! Leuke kleurtjes allemaal :)

  5. Feathers says:

    Love these finds, they’re so adorable! That bag is really cute!

    Feathers ||

  6. Minae says:

    Everything you got looks adorable! /squeals/
    Really loving that Bunny Bag ^.^

    Minae |

  7. Kayra says:

    Cute! Ik heb net twee parel haarbanden bij de Action gekocht (witte en een roze), volgens mij voor een euro of zo! Zijn ook heel tof :D

    1. xSann says:

      Ahh leuk ^_^, ga ik ook een keer voor kijken dan :3 Action heeft ook altijd leuke dingen ^^

  8. Dinja says:

    Awww what a cute headband!
    And I really like the gemstone bracelets :3

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