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Since yesterday it has been snowing on Piixel. I love adding holiday themed elements to my website and I thought this was so cute so I’m gonna share with you how to do this on your own website.

You don’t need to have a professional website to do this, in fact you can do this on almost any website where you can enter code so Blogger, WordPress and even Tumblr.

Let it snow | Falling snow on your website

So if you look closely on this website you can see snow falling if the window is active. To get this on your own website you need to:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

Copy and paste the above code into the script area*** of your website, at the bottom of your code.

***Not sure where the script area is? Check the bottom of this post.

Credits for this go to the creator: Schillmania
(I made the script a little slower so it’s easier on the eyes for blogs)

Holiday Cursors for your websitechristmas-cursors

Another great way to make your blog more festive is a holiday cursor, replace your cursor with one of these festive ones or pick a different one.

Gingerbread man | Pink christmas tree | Candy cane | Snowman

If you found one you like scroll down and there are instructions on how to add them to your website. Because every cursor has it’s own code you can find it on the cursors page.

You don’t need to click the download button if you want it on your website.

Finding the ‘script area’

Hosted website

If you have multiple files paste it in index.html/.php except for WordPress users with a theme, see below.


If you are using WordPress with a theme then go to the themes folder, most likely:

public_html > wp-content > themes > nameofyourtheme


  1. Login and go to your Tumblr page.
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Click on Edit HTML
  4. At the very bottom paste the following code.
  5. At the top click on “Update Preview”. Did the snow show? If not leave a comment.
  6. If it snows, click on “Appearance” then click on “Save”.


  1. Log in and go to your account dashboard.
  2. Click on “Design” of “Template”
  3. Next click on “Edit HTML”
  4. Next paste the code at the bottom of the html box.
  5. Save Your Profile

If anyone needs help please write a comment and I’ll help you.

14 Dec 2015 | 6 Comments


  1. Dalinka says:

    Erg leuk! De gingerbread man cursor is echt té schattig. Ik weet trouwens niet of het nog steeds hoort te sneeuwen op je blog, maar ik zie geen sneeuw :(

    1. Yea ik was even met de lay-out bezig dus had hem even uit gezet ^^’

  2. Eva says:

    Jaaaa de sneeuw :D Alleen bij mij doet ie het niet :( (ik ben ook zo down met html haha) maar hij zegt dat de code niet past bij de rest van de codes ofzo… ;_;

    1. Kan je een screenshot sturen? Dan kan ik even kijken :)

  3. Natasja says:

    Heel gaaf! Ook die cursor! :)

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