League of Legends cosplay – Ashe’s bow Tutorial

ashe league of legends

I was thinking of making a League of Legends cosplay for a while but it seemed so hard to make props. A friend of mine then said she would help with drawing the prop on foam boards and send them to me.But since it was only one and a half week before Abunai at that time I really had to rush to make my League of legends cosplay.

My first choice would be Ahri but since she’s being cosplayed so much already I decided not to do her. Same with Katarina. I felt like I was to long for Annie. So I decided to cosplay Ashe.

So after my friend Chi-Yan send me the foam plates with the bow drawn on it I decided to try my best to make the bow. I searched a lot on google how other cosplayers made their props and cosplay. After that I tried doing it myself.

Here a little tutorial on how I created Ashe’s bow, since some people asked me for it.

(Click on the pictures to see a bigger version)

foam platesexpanding foamshaped expanding foamlight yellow tape


1. After I put the pieces of foam plates together with tape.
2. I put expanding foam on one side of the bow.
3. I shaped the expanding foam on one side of the bow with a knife.
(Then i repeated step 2 and 3 on the other side.)
4.  I put light yellow tape around the whole bow.


wallpaper pastepainted the bowpainting shadows


5. I put wallpaper paste with newspapers on the bow.
6. I painted the whole bow, it took me 3 coats to cover my bow.
7. Then finally i painted the shadows on the bow.


Ashe's bow cosplay league of legends


And the final result. At the end I figured out that the arrow is to small but I didn’t have any time to fix that before Abunai. I will fix it before the next convention.

Finished Ashe cosplay

Ashe @ Abunai 2013

To see more pictures go to the Abunai 2013 post.

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