Latest eBay purchases #1

Angel wing ring ebay

I love eBay because you can get really beautiful products for low prices. I decided to share my latest eBay buys with you. All these items have free shipping.

floral white sansung s5 cover

Samsung galaxy bow phone case

$2.49 | Buy it

A very lovely phone case, I love how this enables me to see the white of my phone through it. It makes it look really girly.

Heart M ring ebay

Fantasy heart silver ring

$2.84 | Buy it

It fits perfect and really reminds me of fantasy and vintage jewellery.

Angel wing ring ebay

Angel wing ring

$0.80 | Buy it

I love everything with wings. This also fits perfectly and look so beautiful.

Do you ever buy anything from eBay?

8 Mar 2015 | 6 Comments


  1. yukulicious says:

    They are all super beautiful and make me want to shop on ebay more again!
    Too bad I’m saving up money right now… ;;

  2. Waauw prachtige ringen! :D

  3. Laura says:

    Leuke blog heb je :)! En dat telefoon hoesje… ik ben verliefd!

  4. Feathers says:

    I love eBay,I always find such great bargains there! I love that case btw, it’s gorgeous!

    Feathers ||

  5. Dinja says:

    Aww those rings are cute :D

  6. zsuzsanna says:

    Great ebay bargains! I too love to finds some great things there ^^ and the phone cover is really pretty!

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