Storenvy | Kawaii Online Stores #1

Holley tea time kawaii online store

I love to shop for cute stuff, from clothes to jewellery to cute little gadgets that serve no use at all. Today I will be showing you some of the cutest Storenvy shops that I came across, I will make a post with cute Etsy and eBay shops later to.

Storenvy is basically a website where people can open online shops. Many of those shops contain products that people make themselves just like Etsy. These items are perfect if you like kawaii Japanese stuff or if you are into Japanese fashion styles like Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth or Lolita.

spreepicky kawaii online store

The first store is called SpreePicky. This is a Chinese store with lots of cute clothing items. These are perfect for Fairy Kei. Most of them are Anime or Japan inspired. They also offer free shipping on their items at the moment. I ordered some item’s from the store a few days ago and I will review them if you are interested.

 :lwing:  Go to SpreePicky  :rwing: 

sweet spirits kawaii online store

The second store is Sweet Spirits. This store has a lof of cute handmade accessory’s. If you are into Fairy Kei or Pastel Goth then this definitely is a store to check out. Or if you are just into cute pastel stuff.

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moon bunny kawaii online store

The third store i’m gonna show you is Moon Bunny. Moon Bunny is also a store with kawaii jewellery. Mostly handmade to just like Sweet Spirits. All their item’s are limited quantity and probably won’t ever be made again if they are sold out so be quick with ordering if you really want something. These things are also perfect for Fairy Kei.

 :lwing:  Go to Moon Bunny  :rwing: 

Holley tea time kawaii online store

The last shop i’m gonna show you is Holley Tea Time. They are famous for their kawaii printed tights. If you want over the top cute stuff then this is the store for you. It has a lot of food and heart themed items.

 :lwing:  Go to Holley Tea Time  :rwing: 

Find more Kawaii Online Stores

Because you seem to love this post I made another one with more cute online stores. This time on Etsy which is very similar to Storenvy.

  :lwing: Check my other posts about Kawaii Online Stores  :rwing:

 What are your favourite online stores?

18 Jan 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. Floor Flawless says:

    *kijkt haar ogen uit* Ik heb heel wat leuke dingetjes gezien! :D

  2. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    I would also love to see a review about SpreePicky ^_^
    My most used ‘webshop’ is Marktplaats xD

  3. Chobi says:

    Awesome stores! :D I never heard about them ^^. I would love to see a review about SpreePicky! :3

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