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YY Kawaii online stores

A while ago I made a post about Kawaii Online stores on Storenvy. That is actually my most viewed post so I thought why not make another post like it but with Etsy stores.

Etsy is a little bit like Storenvy but sellers sell a lot more ‘handmade’ items. I love to shop for cute stuff, from clothes to jewelry to cute little gadget’s that serve no use at all. So these kind of stores are perfect for me.

I know a lot of people have trouble with finding cute stuff online so I thought why not share them. These items are perfect if you like cute kawaii Japanese stuff or if you are into Japanese fashion styles like Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth, Gyaru or Lolita.

Uber tiny kawaii online stores

The first store is called Uber Tiny. This is a seller that sells squishy’s. Squishy’s are small soft shapes that are often used as keychains and cell phone straps. But of course you can hang them on what ever you want. I have some of them on my bag. They come in all kinds of cute shapes like Hello Kitty, My Melody or even Chocolate. If you want to add a little bit of cute to your life but are not a fan of jewelry then check this store.

  :lwing:  Go to Uber Tiny   :rwing:  

Starlight deco dream kawaii online stores

The second store is Starlight Deco Dream. This store has a lof of cute accessories. They are a bit on the pricy side but are very well made and perfect till the detail. They sell a lot of Sailor Moon themed accessory’s. If you are into Anime then this definitely is a store to check out.

  :lwing:  Go to Starlight Deco Dream   :rwing:  

Nerdy Little Secrets kawaii online stores

The third store I’m gonna show you is Nerdy Little Secrets. Nerdy Little Secrets is also a store with kawaii jewelry. They are all handmade and are perfect for all the geeks under us. These items are also perfect for Fairy Kei.

  :lwing:  Go to Nerdy Little Secrets   :rwing:  

YY Kawaii online stores

The last shop I’m gonna show you is YY Kawaii. They sell like the cutest DecoDen phone covers ever in my opinion. If you want your phone to look like something you could eat then visit their shop.

  :lwing:   Go to YYKawaii   :rwing:  

Find more Kawaii Online Stores

Because you seem to love this post I made another one with more cute online stores. This time on Etsy which is very similar to Storenvy.

  :lwing: Check my other posts about Kawaii Online Stores  :rwing:

 What are your favourite online stores?


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