Kawaii Apps for iPhone & Android #3

kawaii games

In this series I will post some of the cutest apps for iPhone and Android. All of these are for iPhone and Android. And the best of all, their all free! If you have any suggestions for apps that you think should be here  leave a comment.


princess solitaire kawaii

Sometimes you don’t want a really stressful game and you just wanna play with cards. But the normal solitaire games look so boring so I play this one because it has sparkles and cats.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download Princess*Solitaire for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download Princess*Solitaire for Android

Happy Chicken Town

happy chicken town cute

In this game you will run part of your cute little town, you get a farm and a restaurant so you can make food for your customers by using the things you can make on your farm like vegetables, chicken, fruit and seafood.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download Happy Chicken Town for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download Happy Chicken Town for Android

Line Play

line play kawaii app

This is kind of like a cute version of Habbo Hotel, did you guys play that back in the days? You can make your own cute room and collect coins by visiting others. They have the cutest styles to choose from, from frilly cute styles to rock styles. They even have some character inspired furniture like Hello Kitty.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download Line Play for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download Line Play for Android

My Little Pony

my little pony game

You don’t have to love my little pony to love this game. I used to be so addicted to it haha. You make your own little town with all kinds of different shops and houses. You can also collect ponies and play little minigames.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download My Little Pony for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download My Little Pony for Android

Looking for more kawaii apps?

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What are your favourite cute apps?

10 Aug 2015 | 4 Comments


  1. yukulicious says:

    I played solitaire for almost 1h on my flight from Korea yesterday so I really think about getting this game for my phone now… I play LINE PLAY as well and used to be quite into the MLP game too…
    AND – I have a suggestion for a game you could check out.
    It’s probably not 100% on the cute side but I love it really much because it’s from one of my favorite movies.
    I’m not sure if you can get it for iPhone but it’s for free on android.
    “Dragons – Rise of Berk” is inspired by the How To Train Your Dragon movies and I think about introducing it on my blog, too. If you want to check it out and feel like including it in this series, I’d be really curious to know what you think about it :)

  2. I played My Little Pony and Line Play a lot *-* so much cute things!

  3. Dinja says:

    Wat een leuke apps ^_^
    Ik ga die Princess*Solitaire wel downloaden, ik mis vaak “gewone” spellen xD
    Ohh en Habbo hotel speelde ik vroeger echt vaak, het was verslavend ><

  4. I’m *slightly* obsessed with Line Play, everything is soooo cute! (although you have to play minigames for a while if you want to save coins…)

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