Kawaii Apps for iPhone & Android #2

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In this series I will post some kawaii apps for iPhone and Android. Most of these are free to download!  Most of these are for both iPhone and Android but some of them aren’t so I’m sorry if there are some apps that are only for one. If you have any suggestions for apps that you think should be here leave a comment.

cat life kawaii

Cat Life

Do you love cats & puzzle games? Then this is for you. Collect cute cats by solving Match-3 type puzzles. You can collect many different cats and play with them, touch them and give them food. Just look at them.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download Cat Life for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download Cat Life for Android

New Alice’s Mad Tea Party kawaii

New Alice’s Mad Tea Party

A cute little game featuring Alice. In this game Alice has a cute pet cat called Dinah. One day Dinah goes missing and turns out to be kidnapped by the Queen of Hearts. To get Dinah back Alice holds a tea party. To hold it you need to make a garden and collect sweets from trees.

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download New Alice’s Mad Tea Party for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download New Alice’s Mad Tea Party for Android

Rilakkuma Solitaire kawaii

Rilakkuma Solitaire

I think most of us have played solitaire before, I personally love it and whats better then playing it together with Rilakkuma?

Price: $2.99

apple-icon-grey Download Rilakkuma Solitaire for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download Rilakkuma Solitaire for Android

i love pasta kawaii


Run your own little cafe where you serve pasta to customers, you can decorate it any way you want. They even have Hello Kitty themed decorations now!

Price: Free

apple-icon-grey Download I LOVE PASTA for iPhone

android-icon-grey Download I LOVE PASTA for Android

skipping nyan-p kawaii

Skipping NYAN-P

More cats? Yes please. In this game you have to play jump rope with cats by shaking your iPhone. Weird? Yes. Addicting? Definitely.

Price: $0.99

apple-icon-grey Download Skipping NYAN-P for iPhone

android-icon-grey No Android Version :|

Looking for more kawaii apps?

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What are your favourite cute apps?

16 Jul 2015 | 5 Comments


  1. Oooh, super leuke apps! Vooral die Alice in Wonderland app en die Nyan app! Te schattig en lijkt mij erg verslavend. Al lijkt het mij wel een app om alleen thuis te gebruiken. Ik zie mijzelf al in de trein zitten en mijn mobiel schudden, wat een blikken zou ik niet krijgen!

  2. yukulicious says:

    These games really look fun… I’m not such a huge gamer when it comes to my phone though… but maybe I’ll try out some of them sooner or later… ;)

  3. A C Y H O Z says:

    awh I really love the last one<3

  4. Dinja says:

    Jammer dat die Skipping Nyan-P alleen voor iPhone is en geld kost x3
    Ziet er echt te schattig uit!

  5. cookiescorpse says:

    Really cute apps *-* thanks for share!

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