Kawaii Android phone or tablet? #1

Kawaii android phone

I love customising my phone and I decided to share what I found on making your Android device as Kawaii as can be. For these tricks you do not have to root your Android device. I’m not a big fan of downloading a complete theme because there are always parts of it that I like less. If you do want a complete theme then you can try out Go Launcher. They have a lot of kawaii themes for that.

Icons & Wallpapers

Are you just like me bored of the default icons? Then CocoPPa or Icoron might be just the thing for you. They both basically do the same. You can choose a cute icon within the app and assign it to one of the app’s on your Android device. Then the app will put a kawaii icon on your homescreen for that app. It really depends on your own preference which one fits you best. I personally find CocoPPa easier to use but I think you should just try both of them out and see what you like. There is also Line Deco which does basically the same but I haven’t really tried that one yet.

Both of these app’s also have really cute wallpapers.

:lwing:  Download cocoPPa  :rwing:
:lwing:  Download Icoron  :rwing:

Icoron cocoppa


Sick of the boring old keyboard? Why not try Kii keyboard, it combines the functionalities of all the other big Android keyboards like Swiftkey, Swype & Go Keyboard. It also has tons of theme’s to choose from. It you want theme’s just click themes in the settings after installing the keyboard. You can basically use like almost every theme that is on the google play store with it. It also enables you to use emoji and use cute Japanese style smilies and symbols like hearts. The theme you see in the screenshot is the GO Keyboard Lovepetal Theme and the GOKeyboard Pink Memories theme.

:lwing:  Download Kii keyboard  :rwing:

kawaii keyboard kawaii keyboard

Calendar & Calendar Widget

I am the kind of person that writes on my calendar a lot. I love it to keep track of my appointment’s so for me a calendar widget is a must. Coletto calendar is everything I could ever wish for in a calendar. It’s cute, easy to use and, it has a really useful widget.

:lwing: Download Coletto calendar   :rwing:

calendar kawaii calendar kawaii

Kawaii clock widgets

I believe the little clock in the status bar is way to small, and since on my Android device I have the lock screen disabled I love these cute clock widgets.

:lwing: Download Hello Kitty Clock Widget  :rwing:
:lwing: Download My Melody Clock Widget  :rwing:

hello kitty clock widgetsanrio clock widget

There is also a lot of other things you can style, if you want me to I can make a part 2 of this post. Please tell me in the comments.

Do you care what your phone looks like?

19 Jul 2014 | 5 Comments


  1. Tony Dyrstad says:

    Greetings from California!

  2. LolPixie says:

    Adorable! I am getting a new tablet and I want it to look mega cute, can you do update tips for 2015?! L_L

    1. Happy you like them, Sure I will make a post about it soon :]

  3. Sophie says:

    Thanks for all of the tips I had been using Cocoppa but didn’t know about Icoron or Kii keyboard. I am always looking for apps to help kawaii up my phone if it isn’t cute or to my liking then it bores me. I would love if you’d do another post about Kawaii apps for phone customization.

  4. Dinja says:

    It’s all so cute :3
    But I think I’m only gonna install one of the cute clocks!

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