Kawaii 3DS games #1

gabrielles-ghostly-groove-3ds gabrielles-ghostly-groove-3ds

As most of you know, I love my 3DS. That is mainly for the fact that there are a ton of cute games for it. So I decided to share some kawaii 3ds games with you. These are perfect if you like kawaii games and are looking for some new once or if your a guy and want your girlfriend to start gaming.

Gabrielle’s ghostly groove

Gabrielle's ghostly groove 3dsAre you not really into the RPG’s and you just wanna play a kawaii cheap game? Then maybe Gabrielle’s ghostly groove is for you. It is only 4 euro in the eshop and actually has a cute story; Gabrielle sneezes so hard that she sneezes her spirit out of her body which makes her real body go into a coma. She go’s on and adventure with her cat for find a way to return and meets a lot of cute characters like a vampire and frankenstein.

gabrielles-ghostly-groove-3ds gabrielles-ghostly-groove-3ds

Fantasy Life

fantasy life 3ds

Fantasy life is a cute anime style RPG but it isn’t a hardcore RPG like Bravely Default or Shin Megami Tensei IV. It is kinda like an MMORPG but without the massive online world. You have loads of classes that you can level. In most RPG’s you can only choose one class but in this one you can just play them next to another and switch within a second without losing progress. There is a really nice multiplayer feature where you can go hunting or exploring together. What you do in the RPG is pretty much up to you because you don’t even have to fight monsters if you don’t like that. You can also be a blacksmith, tailor, alchemist or many other jobs.

:lwing:  Read my extended review  :rwing:

Fantasy Life fantasy life

Animal Crossing

animal_crossing_new_leafAnimal Crossing is a game where you become the mayor of a town and have to make everyone in there happy. You can decorate your own little house and unlock features when you get further in the game. You can also collect things like bugs & fish to complete your collection and obtain achievements. You have all kinds of cute furniture and clothes to collect and make the town into the style that you like.

animal crossing kawaii animal crossing kawaii

Rune Factory 4

Rune_Factory_4_3ds Rune Factory is a combination between Harvest Moon and an RPG. In Rune Factory you will never be out of things to do you can harvest crops, gather items, or concentrate on dating one of the characters and getting married. You can even explore and discover dungeons and monsters or help the people with there quests by learning to cook, bringing items, or defeating monsters. And that all in a cute Anime style world.

fantasy life kawaii fantasy life kawaii

Of course these aren’t the only kawaii games for 3DS but there are many more. If you want to see more then leave a comment.

What are your favourite games?


20 Dec 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. Moon~ says:

    I really love Animal Crossing New Leaf!
    But I also really like almost all pokémon games and Mario games.^^

  2. Sophie says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog while searching for Kawaii blogs on Bloglovin’. I really love your blog and the fact that you love RPG’s as much as me.

    Right now my favorite games would be Dragon Quest IX (And pretty much all the DQ titles), Fantasy Life, Animal Crossing, YS Oath in Felghana, Nino No Kuni, Pokemon Platinum, Chrono Trigger, The Professor Layton Series, Tales of Symphonia, and Rhapsody a Musical Adventure.


  3. Ik game zelf niet, dus heb ook geen favoriet haha!

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