On 14 march I went to JPCU, Japanse Popcultuur Club Utrecht with Dinja. They are organizing several evenings surrounding japanese culture where you can go to with different things to do. Like game night, anime night etc. On 14 march there was a game night. I knew about the club for a while already but i was to scared to go alone. So when i talked about it with Dinja and she wanted to check it out to.

It started in the evening so we went to do a little shopping in Utrecht first. But when we where walking in Utrecht. A random guy started talking to us and asking us about anime and stuff because i was wearing my gameboy necklace. At first we where like ok whatever let him walk with us and go with us to JPCU. But after a short while we started to find him really annoying and tried to get rid of him by looking at girly stuff. But that didn’t work. So when we where at Claire’s he was standing a couple shelves away from us and i was looking at Dinja and was like “pssh let’s run?!” So we started running out of the store into the big shopping street of Utrecht. And jumped in a store to get rid of him. Of course it was a guys store with jeans. Yeah just my luck haha. But at least we got rid of him.

Then we ate something at Subway that was really yummy. Both of us had only been there once so it was kind of hard to pick something. After that we went to JPCU.

It was in a building close to my school. I think it’s the Utrecht University building. We searched and kind of got lost in the building but one of Dinja’s friends that is in the club came to rescue us and showed us where to go.

Pidgey vs Pidgey who will win? (1hp vs 1hp)

It was a small group of people. We didn’t really play a lot of games. Mainly only Pokemon on our DS’es. But it was nice meeting new people and talking to them. We will probably go more if we both got time and there is another interesting evening.

To find out more about JPCU visit their site by clicking here
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