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In the past I have tested some Japanese candy subscription boxes and now it’s time to check out the famous Japan Crate. A crate filled with Japanese candy.

For the Japan Crate you can pick a size to decide the amount of candy and how much you want to pay. The crate will arrive at your doorstep every month like a gift.

  • Mini | 4-6 items | $12/month
  • Original | 8-10 items | $25/month | Includes 1 DIY Kit
  • Premium | 12-14 items | $30/month | Includes a drink, 1 DIY Kit & Bonus item

All boxes have free worldwide shipping included.

 :lwing:  Order the Japan Crate, a crate filled with Japanese candy  :rwing:

The box I’m reviewing for this post is the November Premium Japan Cate Premium for 2015. One thing that really separates this box from the rest is that it includes a little on going manga which continues in every subscription box.

Japan crateJapan crate jc manga

halloween candy

The November Japan Crate contains


  • Purple Sweet Potato Sticks
  • Black Thunder
  • Meiji Dice Caramel
  • Cookies & Cream Pejoy
  • Hot Chili Salad Pretz

Original (+ Contents from the Mini)

  • Glico Man Caramel & Toy
  • Uranai-kko Bubble Gum
  • Fluffy Long Neck Marshmallow
  • Funassyi Furi-Furi Shake DIY Kit

Premium  (+ Contents from the Mini & Original)

  • Chunosuke Water
  • Spy Vs. Spy Sour Gum
  • Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix
  • Superstring Q
  • Bonus Item: Naruto Blind Box!

halloween candy

Purple Sweet Potato Sticks

Purple Sweet Potato Sticks

“Here’s a flavour that’s just as seasonal as Pumpkin Pie, but a little less common. Purple sweet potatoes are a fall/winter treat in Japan. These light, crispy sticks taste perfectly like a sweet potato!”

I have never had real sweet potato’s before so I was really excited to try these. They are kind of like pocky but coated in sweet potato flavour and the inside is empty. I really liked these even though I’m not sure if I would purchase them myself.

black thunder

Black Thunder

“One of our all-time favorites! A chocolate bar with a name inspired by the Japanese god of thunder. It’s filled with cookie pieces, rice puffs, and covered in dark chocolate.”

I’m not much of a chocolate bar person, but I really liked this one, the rise puffs inside tasted great with the dark chocolate. This is probably my favourite from the box.

Meiji Dice Caramel

Meiji Dice Caramel

“These little guys have been around since 1910! The package is made to look like 5 different dice, each with a caramel hidden inside.”

I love the idea that these are like dice and you can play with them. Every dice has two caramel candy’s inside. These aren’t soft but not to hard either.

Cookies & Cream Pejoy

Cookies & Cream Pejoy

“Think of these as inside-out Pocky. Yummy chocolate cookie shells stuffed with a creamy vanilla filling. Delicious on their own, but arguably better with a glass of milk.”

I was so excited about these when I saw them. They are like pocky but with a cookies & cream taste and turned inside out. They are so yummy. This is the best pocky I have ever tasted!

Hot Chili Salad Pretz

Hot Chili Salad Pretz

“A Japanese take on a tasty Thai dish, these crispy sticks are packed with flavors ranging from chili spice to basil and spring onion. Which flavor sticks out the most to you?”

I like pocky or pretz but this is not really my thing because I’m not a fan of spicy food.

Glico Man Caramel & Toy

Glico Man Caramel & Toy

“A fun treat that comes with candies and a surprise wooden toy! Play with your new toy while you enjoy yummy caramel hearts.”

I love the shape of these, they are little hard caramel hearts. When I first saw the packaging I really didn’t expect these cute hearts. The toy I got with it looks like a DJ and his turn table.

Uranai-kko Bubble Gum

Uranai-kko Bubble Gum

“These soft and smooth bubble gum sticks are not only tasty, they tell your future as well! Each stick has its own fortune check our blog for translations to see how lucky you are!”

I had these before and I love the idea of fortune cookies but in bubblegum kind.

Fluffy Long Neck Marshmallow

Fluffy Long Neck Marshmallow

“A marshmallow with 4 colorful flavors twisted into one long stick. Sweet, light, and fluffy.”

This wasn’t to special to me, we have these in the Netherlands to. They are really soft and tasty though so I don’t mind.

Funassyi Furi-Furi Shake DIY Kit

Funassyi Furi-Furi Shake DIY Kit

“Mix up a sweet pear flavored milkshake with this silly DIY kit. You’ll need an ice cube and a cup of milk.”

I kind of expected this to taste like a banana milkshake but it’s actually a pear milkshake because the character is a pear. To see how this candy works go watch this youtube video.

Chunosuke Water

Chunosuke Water

“Try one of three Chunosuke Water flavors: Exercise – a refreshing sports drink taste perfect from rehydrating after exercise, Grape – a light and sweet grape flavored juice that’s crisp and delicious, or Apple – a sour apple flavored juice that leaves a refreshing apple aftertaste.”

I got the apple flavour, it kind of tastes like apple juice but less strong.

Spy Vs. Spy Sour Gum

Spy Vs. Spy Sour Gum

“These may look like two identical sticks of gum, but one is a spy undercover. Choose a stick carefully because one is more sweet while the other is extremely sour!”

Because of the description I expected it to be really really sour. Even though you can easily separate the sour and sweet one it was only a little bit sour not even close to extremely which I think it’s a little disappointing. It’s still a fun bubblegum though.

Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix

Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix

“This is exactly what grape soda would be like if you could eat it instead of drinking it. A mixture that crackles and pops just like you’re drinking a real soda.” 

At first glance I thought this was a drink like the powder packs that you add to water to get lemonade that are available in some Toko’s but they are actually like pop rocks but grape flavoured.

Superstring Q

Superstring Q

“50 inches of grape gummy in one long string, just long enough to play jump rope if you’re less than four feet tall! Two flavours alternate between sweet and sour, fold yours in half to enjoy both flavours at once.”

When I opened this package the crazy grape smell came to me. It does taste really good though, if you love grape then I really recommend this.

naruto sakura

Bonus Item: Naruto Blind Box!

“Watch out! There’s a ninja hiding somewhere in your crate. You’ll get 1 of 8 different Naruto figures. Believe it!”

A cool aspect about the premium box is that it includes a bonus item. For this month it was a Naruto  hanger. Honestly I’m not a Naruto fan but I do really like that I got Sakura because I think she is the cutest character.


I really liked this box because it contained many different types of candy that I haven’t tried before. It included a lot of mysterious looking candies that you can’t identify easily if you don’t know Japanese so it’s really a surprise what they taste like. I haven’t seen any of these candies at conventions before.

This box is perfect if you want to try exciting Japanese candy and aren’t afraid to try something new.

Not your piece of candy?

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What is your favourite item in this box?

13 Nov 2015 | 9 Comments


  1. robin says:

    OMG DIE NARUTO HANGER <3 zo cute ;_;

  2. Dinja says:

    Oeeh fijne box! Het is leuk om te zien dat er iets minder bekende snoepjes erbij zitten ^_^

  3. Eva says:

    Lijkt me zo leuk om zo’n box te ontvangen en elke maand weer nieuwe dingetjes uit te proberen :D Ik ken bijna geen enkel van deze snoepjes om eerlijk te zijn. Vooral de Funassyi diy kit lijkt me leuk om te proberen ;)

  4. Wat een super schattige box :D Lijkt me enorm leuk om alles te testen!
    En dat hangertje van Sakura is ook zo cute :3

    1. Dan mag jij het hangertje van Sakura hebben ^^

  5. Merel says:

    Nice article!! Sooo cute. I loooove this stuff.

  6. Marushi says:

    Ziet er super leuk uit! Dit zou ik echt graag een keer willen proberen!

  7. Dalinka says:

    Het moet vast verschrikkelijk zijn geweest om alles te proeven;-) Ik ben helemaal niet bekend met Japanse snoep, maar ik zie het hier en daar voorbij komen en ben wel nieuwsgierig nu. Het ziet er ook nog eens leuk uit!

  8. Jinn says:

    This honestly looks so amaazing<3 zelfs na in totaal bijna een jaar in Japan gewoond te hebben zie ik toch nog dingetjes ertussen zitten die ik nog nooit heb geprobeerd, en het ziet er allemaal zo vrolijk uit~! :)

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