How to make blog photos | 7 tips


When I first started blogging I never imagined that quality photos make such a big difference. Photos are very important to make your blog posts stand out and give the best impression of a product.The first 3 years I actually made blog photos with my phone, first an iPhone 5 and later the Samsung galaxy S5. I feel like I finally got a hang of how to make good photos and I want to share some tips with you.

  • DSLR Camera or phone camera
    Of course it’s best if you use a DSLR camera (Digital single-lens reflex camera) but if you don’t have one I feel like a high end phone can make great pictures too as long as you keep the following tips in mind. I myself use a pink Nikon S1 which is a digital camera with changeable lenses. So it’s kind of a step between the compact camera and a DSLR.
  • Lightning
    Make the photos close to a window, natural light is the best and will enable you to make the sharpest photos. You can also invest in some studio lights for the winter days if you need that extra lightning.For me this is a bit of a struggle because the spot I make photos in doesn’t have any windows to outside, if they did the photos would be a lot prettier.

nikon s1

  • Clean the background
    You don’t want a lot of mess in the background because it will distract from the actual subject. You can however use props to make your photo a bit more interesting like I did with the photos in this post. But no one likes an outfit photo with a lot of mess on the floor.
  • Photo editing
    Photoshop or different editors are great for making your photo even better, specially if you made it in low light. GIMP is a free and has almost the same functionalities as Photoshop. Yes you can also edit photos on your phone but those apps often get rid of a lot of the quality.

sexplosion parfume

  • Clean your products
    Make sure the things you are photographing are clean for example if you are photographing some nail polish make sure you clean any mistakes with nail polish remover before making photos.
  • Make a lot of photos
    That way you can compare them and pick out your favourites. Don’t be afraid to play with different angles.
  • Photo props
    As photo props people commonly use flowers, magazines, make-up products but you can use whatever you like as long as it doesn’t distract to much from the photo’s subject. For the above photos I used two flower fairy light strings that I bought at the Action. I also used two rose hair clips.

white flower fairy lights

The magic of Photoshop

I love Photoshop, since I have bad lightning in my room but I don’t have any other good places for blog photos. Here a small preview of the difference it makes to my blog photos. For this photo I changed the levels, temperature, contrast and lens effect.

But no you do not necessarily need Photoshop if you photograph in a good light place like in front of a window at daytime.

Photoshop before after

Do you have any other blog photography tips?

11 Mar 2016 | 14 Comments


  1. Eline says:

    Mooie foto’s maak je! Ik maak zelf altijd enkel foto’s van elf tot één ivm mooi licht. :greyheart:

  2. Lieke says:

    Fijne tips! Ik heb gelukkig heel veel licht in mijn kleine appartementje, dus dat is wel heel fijn!

  3. engelina says:

    Goede tips ! Vooral de photo props, hier ben ik nog niet zo veel mee bezig maar zou ik wel moeten doen .

  4. Ik heb ook photoshop maar gebruik het niet zo heel veel. Maar inderdaad, om de belichting in je foto’s aan te passen is het geweldig! x

  5. Natasja says:

    Handige tips! Licht is heel belangrijk en een beetje editing om zo de balans in een foto mooi en clean te krijgen is echt wel handig!

  6. Iloontje says:

    Ik zou heel graag met photoshop werken maar photoshop niet zo graag met mij lijkt wel hihi. Verder erg goede tips, want ik ben net begonnen met bloggen en merk vaak dat mijn foto’s niet zo mooi zijn! Maar ach ik moet ook nog vanalles leren!

  7. Mariska says:

    Ik kan echt niet met photoshop omgaan, verder zijn dit goed tips! Vooral veeeeel foto’s maken. Des te meer kans dat de goede erbij zit! Het is ook wel een kwestie van oefening natuurlijk.

  8. These were really helpful and lovely tips!

  9. Hilde says:

    Ik heb nog nooit eerder gehoord van GIMP! Ik gebruik zelf Picasa en Irfanview :)
    Misschien ga ik toch maar op zoek naar een kleine studiolamp, goed idee! het is zó moeilijk om in de herst/winter mooie foto;s te maken! ik maak er nu nog meer per blogpost (ruim 100 soms) in de hoop dat er goede tussen zitten haha en dan maar keihard cheaten met de lichtbalans :p

  10. robin says:

    jou foto’s hebben altijd zo’n mooie romantische feel er aan <3 love them

  11. Jinn says:

    Waha ik gebruik GIMP ja! Handige tips en super mooie foto’s :D

  12. Minae says:

    I completely agree with taking lots of photos, I take so many before picking out the best ones! these are great tips x
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  13. Lindsey says:

    These are great tips! My favorite is “take a lot of photos,” I take what feels like a million photos every time I do a blog post…but it’s always worth it. You really need a lot of variety to choose from. And your photos are lovely!


  14. Marsya says:

    Thank you so much for the tips since I don’t have the best camera and phone so I only trust the editing for my photos. Sometimes I get a little jelly to the quality photos since I don’t have the best quality in my photos. Anyway, nice post xo

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