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chocolate bar i heart makeup

Chocolate? Wait but wasn’t your resolution to lose weight? Yes, it is chocolate and yes I did say that. But this isn’t real chocolate, it’s a eyeshadow palette. It’s an eyeshadow palette by ‘I Heart Make-up’ inspired by the popular Chocolate bar from ‘Too Faced’.

I had that one on my wish list for a while but since it’s expensive $ 49 and I’m not really the person to spend that much money on make-up I was surprised when I found the ‘Death By Chocolate‘ palette which is only € 9.99. I read some reviews online and decided to buy it.

death by chocolate names i heart makeupdeath by chocolate names i heart makeup colors

The colours all have really cute names like Tease Me and Don’t let go. And I think it’s a great palette if you don’t have that many yet. I just wanted a good palette with a lot of naturals for daily make-up and I think it’s perfect for that. It’s even good for party’s because it contains some shimmer colours. I think the ‘Love you to death’ is a great color for that because it’s a pretty dark purple shimmer.

death by chocolate names i heart makeup swatchesPray for me x Love you to death x Fool’s gold x Bring down angels

Here are some swatches I made from the colours, since my camera isn’t that great I decided to only make a few swatches so you can see the pigmentation. Because my swatches really don’t do the colours justice. That’s why I included a different blogger’s link for better swatches.

 :lwing: Click here to see better swatches :rwing:

 Do you have a favourite eyeshadow palette?

20 Jun 2015 | 9 Comments


  1. Sarah says:

    This Pallette is adorable! I’m going through such a chocolate loving phase at the moment. I have bought so many chocolate printed things recently. I might need to add this to my collection!

    1. xSann says:

      You should i’m sure it would fit perfectly in such a collection ^_^ Chocolate just looks to cute <3

  2. annamaria says:

    omg, this palette looks adorable and the colours are so pretty :3 and I like the names of them.

  3. Sapphire says:

    The thumbnail threw me off there, looks so real! I really like the colours in this especially the “Bring Down Angels” aaahh *^*

    ❤ Little Owl’s Diary

  4. wow pretty colours!
    I love chocolate tones on hair!

  5. I like the case for this palette more than Too Faced’s Choco Bar. Melty chocolate seems cuter for some reason, heh. And it really does have such clever names, wow!

  6. Dinja says:

    It looks so yummy!
    And I’m sure the colors match with your make-up looks ^_^

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