Go! Princess Precure

GO! Princess PrecureGO! Princess Precure

A few days ago a new anime series came out called Go! Princess Precure came  out. It’s a Japanese magical girl anime that is a follow up on Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! The story is about this girl called Haruno Haruka who met a strange boy Kanata a while ago. He gave her a key and made her promise that she will never give up on her dreams.

Some years later Haruka goes to a boarding school for girls and boys called Noble Academy but still she wanted to follow her dream of becoming a princess like in the fairytale books. One day she meets who weird creatures Pafu and Aroma who were chased by monsters. They told her that they were created by a witch who turns dreams to evil and locks them away. The fairies gave Haruka a special perfume called Princess Perfume that made her able to transform so she can fight against the witch.

GO! Princess Precure GO! Princess Precure

Two other girls join her on her journey who can also transform to collect all the Dress-Up Keys to open the Gate of Dreams and release the captured dreams.

Watch Go! Princess Precure – Episode 1

Do you like girly anime’s?

8 Feb 2015 | 2 Comments


  1. I love the anime girly! precure series is my favorite although I like most is Fresh and Smile precure precure. This season looks cute, I love the transformation of cure Flora

  2. Deze anime kende ik nog niet! Ik kijk momenteel Absolute Duo :)

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