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1. How many times have you looked at the Golf Club Shop logo and wondered why on earth they keep re-releasing a new set of clubs without updating the design? I have. And I’m pretty sure it is because the new set of clubs in the “Golf Club Shop 2012” set, while not the absolute best in the world, have a pretty decent price tag and you can get other golf equipment as a skytrak launch monitor which can help you improve your golf game.

At $179.95 the “Golf Club Shop 2012” set has more than enough golfers in mind to keep most of us from ever going on a serious buying binge. The club design is pretty much a rip-off of the original “Golf Club Shop 2011” set. The back of the box includes the same “WANT to PLAY THE FOOL” campaign, as well as the two-page “What’s New?” booklet. Also included are three mini-cards, a tuck box and an instruction booklet. All in all, the club set was a decent addition to the product line, although the price tag is a bit out of range for most of us.

Club King Mini-Card Set (10 cards)

Club King Mini-Card Set – $9.99

Club King is known for it’s “MEGA-club sets”, and it’s not hard to understand why. The Club King sets are pretty much the standard for the industry. You can get a whole stack of sets for less than $20. So, why pay $40 for each of the 10 cards in this set? Well, they’re nice looking cards, they’re easy to make, and they offer a fairly decent assortment of club cards. But they cost way, way too much to buy 10 sets of them for just the standard membership card.

Club King and Jacks are pretty much the only two I’d consider as decent deals, and you can only get them at one price point, with King and Jacks costing $20 and $20.50, respectively, for the whole ten sets.

So what would be a good deal? Well, if you’re not already in Club King or Jacks, then I guess it’s better to just grab all 10 cards for $5.50 for 10 packs. It’ll still be less than $5. But if you’re already in Club King or Jacks, it may be an option to pick up the “All in Pack” which includes all 11 cards for $1.75.

Overall, a nice deal. The cost of some of the packs were a little expensive, but you could just grab them all. If you’re just a newbie, I think you’ll find this to be a great price. Plus, as someone who loves Magic, I’m really excited

22 Oct 2012 | 5 Comments


  1. Chami Nguyen says:

    I agree. Be beautiful from the inside and it will have impact on the outside.

  2. M x K says:

    We loved this post! It’s so refreshing to read something so positive on a Monday morning. Confidence is indeed attractive, but it’s definitely something we have to constantly remind ourselves.

    M x K

  3. yukulicious says:

    I actually don’t think that being beautiful from the inside will stop people from talking behind your back… because you’re not at fault in a situation like that, they are.

    Some people probably feel intimidated or whatever by you anyway or even more when you appear self-confident. Some people are just generally frustrated with themselves and their lives and even if there is nothing negative about you, if they want to talk bad about you, they will.

    Other than that I generally think that we should try to be the best version of ourselves for our own sake. On the long run getting people to like you might even end in you acting a certain way to impress others, though your own character might be completely different – especially people who don’t have a lot of self-esteem might walk into a trap like that… so for me, trying to be the best version of myself is something I do for myself, because it makes me feel good – needless to say the things you listed help in that process ;)

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      It might not totally stop it but if you’re a happy positive person and they got less to talk about then when you are always negative and complaining. And yeah you always have people who point out something negative about everyone thats true.

      I believe that to that you should be the best version of yourself, thats why these tips aren’t there to change you as a person. You should always be yourself if people don’t like you that way it’s their loss. You also can’t be everyones friend but these tips just help with being an overall more likeable person. You should never lose who you really are to make someone like you, they aren’t worth it.

      Yea it should be something you do for yourself, I noticed that being more positive really helps me to live a happier life :]

      1. yukulicious says:

        Totally! :)
        Just seeing how my postivie attitude makes other people happy is so great and actually gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.
        For example I try to smile a lot, even when I’m tired and I actually had a situation were an elderly couple talked to me just to say how beautiful my smile is and how happy they are that I smiled at them because they see so many young people running around with grumpy faces all the time. So me smiling didn’t only lift my own mood but kind of made their day a little bit happier too and I think that’s beautiful. :)

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