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I finally decided to try the famous Yankee Candles. I love scented candles and I have seen a lot of people raving about these but since I thought they where really expensive I never tried them.

When I did some research and saw that they have these small versions called votives or votive samples I couldn’t resist to purchase some online.

I think there are three big stores in the Netherlands that sell them but they are far away from me and it’s hard to buy candles without being able to smell them first. I decided to go for salted caramel, snowflake cookie and cupcake vanille because those sounded the best to me. I also bought a votive holder to put them in.

The candles cost € 2,60 each and the votive holder was € 1,25. I bought them from SensationalHome because they had the cheapest price when you include shipping. They even have free shipping when you order for € 30 or more which is great if you want to order the big jars and don’t want to carry them home when you’re shopping in an actual store.

They shipped out my order really fast and it arrived at my door the next day. I was so excited to try these, specially the snowflake cookie because I love the color of the wax. When I received them upon first smell I liked the vanilla cupcake the best, the other two where a little overwhelming.

Throw (How well can you smell the candle in the room)

When burning them I honestly was a little disappointed. I loved the smell but you could barely smell it. I had to put it close to my nose to even pick up the scent. When googling reviews I saw that some other people have that too but that it’s kind of a hit or miss with these votives. I did find out that if you want to try a scent it’s better to try a wax tart because they have way more scent and are a little cheaper.

Yankee candle snowflake cookie

Burning time

One thing that is really impressive for these small candles is the burning time, they get advertised with 15 hours of burning time. I think the 15 hours is an average because my snowflake cookie got almost 20 hours while my vanilla cupcake had around 13 I think.

Scents & Would I purchase these again?

Salted caramel smelled like salted caramel… yea I can’t put it any other way. When it just arrived and wasn’t lit yet it smelled so overwhelming, almost gross. But when I burned it it turned into a sweet caramel scent mixed with salt. A much softer scent then it had when it arrived. I liked it but it didn’t convince me to buy another one of these.

Snowflake cookie smelled like the frosting you put on cookies or cupcakes, it’s really really sweet. I really want to purchase this one again in a wax tart or maybe a small jar.

Vanilla cupcake smelled like just baked cookies right out of the oven. It’s nice but to me it was a bit to much if you burn it for a few hours. I don’t think I will purchase this again.


To finish off this post I want to say that I did love the scents of the Yankee Candles. Sadly the votives where a bit disappointing because you could barely smell them. The next time I will definitely go for a wax tart or small candle instead. And let me say there will definitely be a next time because the scents where amazing. I will probably try to plan a shopping trip with a friend some time soon to go to one of the cities with the actual stores so I can smell them.

Did you ever try a Yankee Candle?

10 Oct 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. FluffyPoodle says:

    I love Candles, I purchased a brand that burned in 5 hours, I want long burning candles, so hard to find! Recommendations? Thank you.

    1. The longest burning candles I know are the large jars from Yankee Candle, they are a little pricy but you can burn them for 110 to 150 hours :D

  2. Sam says:

    Yankee candles are my absolute favourite thing EVER. And the scents you’ve chosen to try here are some of my favourites :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      I can understand why ^^ What is your all time favourite?

  3. Eva says:

    Yankee candles wil ik ook echt graag nog eens bestellen. De geuren klinken allemaal zo heerlijk :D Wel jammer dat de sterkte van de geur een beetje tegenviel.

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Ja, inderdaad maar de wax melts blijken beter te zijn wat betreft geur sterkte dus ik denk dat ik die ga proberen :)

  4. Dinja says:

    Ik zou die wax tarts wel willen proberen, omdat ik vaker zo’n waxmelt aan doe dan een kaars :’)
    Maar vooral die Snowflake cookie lijkt me echt een lekker geurtje ^_^

  5. yukulicious says:

    I never tried Yankee candles yet, especially because I barely have time to relax and lit a candle… or am just not the type of person who does that?
    I probably should because I like candles and it would be healthy for me to relax instead of all the stress I tend to put on my shoulders…
    I just heard that people go crazy over these candles and to read now that the smell isn’t that strong sounds like a personal plus for me because I like faint, light smells much more than overpowering ones…
    But I guess it differs from person to person and from smell to smell.

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      It’s good to take some time to relax. Stress can be hard on someone, and I feel like candles are the perfect thing to relax with. I just love when I sit in my room and watch a movie and my whole room smells like vanilla or something. You can always try it to see if you like it ^_^

  6. Ik wil zo graag eens iets van hun proberen :D Alleen wil ik het wel eerst zelf ruiken voordat ik iets bestel. Ik moet echt eens een winkel vinden waar ze dit verkopen!

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