My first time ordering from TaoBao

TaoBao is this big Chinese website that is kinda like Ebay but in Chinese. They also don’t ship items international thats why it is kind of hard to order from there. If you want to order from that site then you will need sometime called a shopping service. Thats someone who orders the products for you and gets them shipped to him/her and then ships them to you for a small fee.
I was looking for Tea Party replica shoes online and since none of the real tea party shoes will fit me and big sizes of replica once cost a lot. Since to people in Asia my feet are like huge even tough here in the Netherlands EU 41 is still a normal size 
I stumbled upon someone who bought there an*tai*na* tea party shoes from TaoBao trough this one shopping service.
The shopping service she used is the one linked below
TaoBao shopping service
The girl that runs the shopping service is really nice and answered all my questions about sizes for the shoes 
The things i ordered are 
The pink solid shiny once
I haven’t received them yet since i didn’t order them that long ago but i will post more info about my order when i received the items.
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