First time circle lenses, G&G A21 Grey

G&G A21 Grey circle lenses

I got my first pair of circle lenses and decided to write a review for them. The lenses I bought are the G&G A21 Grey that are available at PinkyParadise. Even though these are my first pair of coloured circle lenses I do wear normal soft lenses on a daily basis. I ordered them in -4.00 and -5.00.

I was looking for something natural that really makes my blue eyes pop so I thought these would be perfect.

G&G A21 Grey circle lenses bottle

They came in these glass bottles that were wrapped really good.

lenses in case macaron lens case

They even came with this cute macaron lens case.


G&G A21 Grey circle lenses



At first they were a little uncomfortable but after my eyes got used to them it got a lot better. They are pretty comfortable. It’s not like you can not feel them at all but I can easily keep them in for many hours.



They really blend in with my eyes and I’m sure if someone doesn’t know they might not even notice I have lenses in. Theses lenses do give me the kind of dolly eye effect which I love.



I would really recommend these for someone with light eyes that just wants and extra pop. No idea how they look on dark eyes so can’t judge for that. On the pictures above it kind of looks like one of the lenses is more pigmented but it isn’t like that in real life. The selfie I took shows that they are about the same pigmentation.


Off course I had to take a selfie to give you and overview of how they look with the rest of my face.

circle lens review pinkyparadise

Did you ever try circle lenses?

24 Jul 2015 | 4 Comments


  1. I like them to do a bigger effect, so pretty :3

  2. Dinja says:

    Het staat je echt heel leuk!
    Misschien moet ik toch maar eens nieuwe kleurlenzen bestellen x3

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Yea moet je doen :3 Wil ook nog paars ooit dat ziet er zo vet uit @_@

  3. Joanne says:

    Oh wat cool! Ziet er gaaf uit :)
    Jammer genoeg durf ik ECHT geen lenzen in te doen haha!

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