Kawaii photo editing apps

kawaii photo editting app

I know a lot of you who have a phone with apps probably are addicted to Instagram. I love making photos with my iPhone, and until I get a real camera some day I will use it daily.

Today I wanted to share some of my favourite photo edit apps for my iPhone, most of these are also available for Android. Some of these aren’t in english but they are really easy to figure out.

Mito veg

kawaii photo apps screen568x568

With this app you can add really kawaii frames to your pictures.

:lwing:  Download Mito veg for iPhone  :rwing:
:lwing:  Download Mito veg for Android  :rwing:

Meitu Xiuxiu or Tuxiuxiu

kawaii photo apps skawaii photo apps

A chinese app that let’s you edit the lightning of your picture and much more. With this app you can add really cute effects on your pictures. Like little hearts and stars.

:lwing:  Download Meitu Xiuxiu for iPhone :rwing: 
  :lwing: Download Meitu Xiuxiu for Android  :rwing:

Photo wonder

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This app is perfect if you want to change your appearance like remove blemishes and soften your skin.

:lwing:  Download Photo wonder for iPhone :rwing:
:lwing: Download Photo wonder for Android  :rwing:

PicsPlay Pro

screen568x568 (6) screen568x568 (7)

This is the app I use for my basic photo editing if i’m to lazy to transfer photo’s to my laptop. It does cost money but there is also a free version.

:lwing:  Download PicsPlay Pro for iPhone  :rwing:
:lwing:   Download PicsPlay Pro for Android  :rwing:


screen568x568 (8) screen568x568 (9)

This is my go to purikura app, If I want to add something cute to my pictures then this is the first app I open. It has tons and tons of kawaii stamps, brushes and effects. I couldn’t find this one in the Android store sadly.

:lwing:  Download Rakuga-cute for iPhone  :rwing:

Do you have a favourite editing app?

20 Feb 2014 | 3 Comments


  1. Setsuna Meronpan says:

    Thank you so much for this article, I was looking for some cool editing apps for ages and haven’t found any I liked. But some of these here look really awesome, I’ll probably download one or two :D

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi! Jij hebt ook een leuke blog zeg, wat schattig ^^ Leuk dat je ook dezelfde opleiding doet, ik zie dat je ook gewisseld bent, dat is precies waarom ik uiteindelijk toch voor A’dam heb gekozen en niet Utrecht!

    Mijn portfolio staat hier; maar hij is al eventjes niet geüpdatet. Ik wil over een paar maanden weer even een verse nieuwe gaan maken met al mijn huidige werk er in want dan moet ik namelijk op zoek naar een baan o.o

    x Kelly

  3. DinjaDONUT vd Broek says:

    Cute :3
    But I’ll stay with Photoshop and Lightroom <3

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