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fantasy life

A few days ago a new 3DS game was released in Europe called Fantasy Life. Fantasy Life is an RPG type game with a bit of customising in it. It is like Animal Crossing & Rune Factory & Final Fantasy III combined. Since I love all of those games I really wanted to try this.

I love that it’s not a normal RPG where you can just be one class. No, you can actually choose a class and switch between other classes just like that. So one second you are a mage and the next you are a hunter. Every class has it’s own story, quests, equipment & skills. These classes are called life’s, so that’s where the name of the game comes from. There actually is a storyline but to be honest I didn’t really follow it.

Fantasy Life

Since there are so many classes there are plenty things to do in the game and you don’t have to grind 24/7. You can sew, cook, fish, decorate your room, do quests for random people, level up your skills and much much more. There is a little talking butterfly that becomes your friend or guide.

You don’t really have to battle, if you rather go fishing or cooking then just do that. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the game which is kind of like Animal Crossing.

fantasy life

You can even play together with friends if you both have the game, you can visit each other’s town and do things together like fight a boss or just go fishing.

As my starting class I chose to be a mage since I like mages and the outfit looked really cute. But since you can change classes just like that it doesn’t really matter what your first class is.

Rating (5/5) 
star star star star star 

This really is a game that can have you hooked for hours and hours. I think it’s one of the best games I own right up there with Fire Emblem and Pokemon. It’s very easy to get addicted to this game so if you get addicted easely then be careful.

Are you gonna buy Fantasy Life?

27 Sep 2014 | 4 Comments


  1. Moon~ says:

    Wow looks like a nice game! Maybe I’m going to buy it too ^_^

    1. admin says:

      You should :D It’s so fun, i’m still playing it daily ^_^

  2. Sanneee ik heb je genomineerd voor de Sunshine Blogger Award :D <3

  3. Kayra says:

    sounds really good!

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