eBay Jewellery Storage

Ebay Jewellery Display

Since I purchased a new mirror and my old mirror doubled as jewellery storage I needed to store them in a different way so I looked on eBay for a solution.

Ebay Earring Display

Earring holder

I was looking for a earring holder for a while, I searched in local stores first. Sadly the only ones I found in stores were a bit plain and mainly black. After googling I found this exact same one at AliExpress but since I don’t own a creditcard I can’t order from there. Lucky I found the same earring holder on eBay later. It fits 28 pairs of earrings.

I chose the Antiqued Copper color and I love it to pieces it’s just perfect. And looks great with the white color scheme in my room. It was bigger then I expected when it arrived but that is kind of good because it will fit a lot of earrings that way. It cost $22.50 with free shipping.

 :lwing:  Buy the earring holder on eBay  :rwing:

Ebay Rings Display

Ring holder

For a ring holder I searched a few D.I.Y. tutorials, but to actually create those the materials cost more then a ring holder on eBay so I decided to just order one. This one fits 36 rings which is more then enough for me.

The quality feels pretty cheap but I didn’t expect more for the price of $3.32. It does the job so it’s fine.

 :lwing:  Buy the ring holder on eBay  :rwing:

How do you store your jewellery?

8 Nov 2015 | 13 Comments


  1. yukulicious says:

    The earring holder in copper looks absolutely amazing!
    I wish I had more space, money and patience to put out my jewelry and make it part of my decoration again, too but I feel like I didn’t really arrive yet in my new room though I’ve been here for almost 9 months now…
    I guess busy university schedules and a low budget take their tolls on me.
    I don’t even use dangly earrings so the super fancy stand wouldn’t really make sense for me anyway… but it does look amazing ;_;

    1. Aww I know that feeling of not feeling like home, I don’t feel at home if a place isn’t decorated to my taste. Maybe you could look at jumble sales or second hand stores for cute decorations. I often do that, specially jumble sales and I sometimes get something for like 50 cents. Or maybe ask something for Christmas or your birthday?

  2. Lieke says:

    Oh, wauw D: Die is echt super pretty!

  3. FluffyPoodle says:

    That is so cute and angelic!

  4. zsuzsanna says:

    Great bargains you’ve found! Really like the earring holder ^^

    Z ♥

  5. Jinn says:

    Wauwww wat super leuk! D8 ik zoek al super lang naar iets leuks voor mijn sieraden… Ik weet al wat ik wil voor kerst L_L

  6. robin says:

    jou sieraden zijn zo cute O_O love it <3

  7. Natasja says:

    Dat oorbellenrekje vind ik iets te kitsch in mijn smaak. Maar zo’n ringenhoudengevalding is wel ideaal! :)

  8. Rochella says:

    Is weer wat anders dan de rekjes van de Action. Heel erg mooi. Xoxo

  9. Lizzie says:

    Oh these are so handy! I’ve been looking for an earring holder for ages… Thanks!

  10. Eva says:

    Die oorbel houder is echt super leuk! Zo schattig en perfect voor een girly interieur. Ik bewaar mijn oorbellen ook in zo’n soort houder maar dan eentje van de Xenos. Ringen/armbandjes en kettingen bewaar ik in apartje doosjes naast mijn bed :)

  11. Super handig zo’n oorbel rekje! Ik raak die van mij altijd kwijt, en zo zijn ze netjes opgeborgen :)

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