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bow shoes DreamV

One of my favourite online clothing stores is DreamV or Yumetenbo like some people call them. If you like bows, bunny’s, lace and floral prints like me then they are perfect. Every time I look on their side I get this ‘OMG I WANT IT ALL’ feeling haha.

I also really like them because they got a plus size clothing line to. I almost never mention this on my blog but I have had troubles with being overweight for almost all my life so most Japanese clothes won’t ever fit me. So I always am really happy if a cute Japanese brand sells bigger sizes.

Size Chart

Their size chart’s are a bit hard to read so here is a translation.

身丈 – length (tops, dresses)
着丈 – length (skirts)
総丈 – shoulder width
袖丈 – sleeve length
袖口周り – width of the sleeve opening
バスト – bust
ウエスト – waist
ヒップ – hip

  :lwing:  Click here to go to DreamV  :rwing:

bunny cardigan kawaii dreamV

  :lwing:  Bunny bow cardigan   :rwing:

bunny hoodie dreamV

  :lwing:  Bear hoody with heart pockets   :rwing:

bear coat dreamV

  :lwing:  Fluffy bear coat   :rwing:

floral dress dreamV

 :lwing:   Floral longsleeve dress   :rwing:

pearl bracelet dreamV

 :lwing:   Rose bead bracelet   :rwing:

bow shoes DreamV

 :lwing:   Cute bow platform sandals  :rwing:

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What are your favourite items?

12 Aug 2014 | 7 Comments


  1. DreamV has got lots of really cute things *-* I love it too!

  2. Moon~ says:

    Dreamv is one of my favourite brands too. ^^ Sadly all of their shoes don’t fit me. They’re all one size too small. xD but their clothes are sooo cute. <3


    1. admin says:

      OMG I got exactly the same thing to @_@ I’m a europe size 41 when it comes to shoes and I hate it so much that they only go to size 39 >.<

      1. Moon~ says:

        That’s soo annoying. >_< I'm like size 40 but the biggest size they have is 39, even on storenvy. I want to buy cute shoes but I can't because of my shoe size D: i hope they are going to make bigger shoe sizes…

        1. admin says:

          Yeah it sucks so bad. Only place I found that has bigger sizes is Bodyline. And the brand Antaina also carries bigger sizes.

  3. Saicachii says:

    Ooooh I love yumetenbooo *-* It used to be my favourite brand but I feel like they sell clothings that are a little less my style now… But they still have a place close to my heart <3


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