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disney plush

A while ago I told you about the Tsum Tsum app for iPhone and Android made by Disney. At that time the Tsum Tsum plushies where still a bit new but they have become so much more populair since then.

So much that other companies also started making Tsum Tsum’s for different characters that aren’t from Disney.


So it all started here, with these cute little Tsum Tsum’s made by Disney. The original ‘mini’ size is around 5.5×5.5 cm. The are shaped so you can stack them easily and make a big pile of cuteness like the ones above.

After these got populair they also made other sizes; ‘medium’ which is 18x18cm and ‘large’ 30×30 cm. They even have themed versions like easter. These are the general used sizes, but may also vary on the UK and US website.

  • Mini: £ 3 – € 4,25 – $4.95
  • Medium: £ 10 – € 14,13 – $12.90
  • Large: £ 20 – € 28,24 – $24.95

Their price conversions are really weird, but these are the prices of the UK and US website.

 :lwing:  At Disney Store US | At Disney Store UK  :rwing:

Favourite Disney Tsum Tsum

disney mini

Sanrio Tsum Tsum

sanrio kawaii

So after the Disney hype Sanrio decided to make their own version, and oh my god aren’t these the cutest? I love the disney ones but Sanrio is more my thing because of the cute pastels and characters. Like Disney these also have special editions, like a sakura edition.

They are available in Japan only sadly but some kind eBay sellers resell them for a little higher price but at least we can get them without a shopping service. On eBay they are around $ 10.70 but that really varies from seller to seller.

 :lwing:  Sanrio Tsum Tsum at eBay  :rwing:

Favourite Sanrio Tsum Tsum


sanrio kawaii favourites

Other Tsum Tsum

alpacca kawaii

There are also some other brands who started making Tsum Tsum’s like these Alpacasso ones from Amuse Japan. These are available in various online stores that sell kawaii items like other Amuse plushies.

 :lwing:   Alpacasso at MostCutest | Alpacasso at TofuCute  :rwing:

Which Tsum Tsum’s are your favourite?


3 Aug 2015 | 7 Comments


  1. Lieke says:

    Omg! Ik heb Tsum Tsums pas geleden ontdekt en ik ben er over uit dat ik ze allemaal wil ._. En nu ik die Alpaca’s heb gezien, wil ik ze nog liever :’D

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      I know your problem haha ^_^ Heb ze zelf ook nog niet maar wil ze zoo graag maar ik kan niet kiezen @___@

  2. I love tsum tsum cutie babies *-* I want all of them!

  3. OMG wat zijn ze schattig! <3 Ik kan hier echt niet tegen, nu moet ik ze hebben!!

  4. Courtney says:

    The tsum tsums are so adorable. I love the Alpacasso ones they are the cutest!

  5. Die alpaca’s zijn echt schattig! Sowieso vind ik alpacaknuffels altijd heel leuk, die zijn altijd zo zacht en aaibaar.

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