Decoden on my iPhone 4

So since a few days ago i received my pink hard cover for my iPhone 4 i decided i wanted to do Decoden again because i really loved my old Decoden case 
This time i chose for a pink hardcover because with the transparant one on my iPhone 3GS i had a lot of trouble hiding the apple logo and text that you could see trough it.
My workplace, at the glueing part i did get some paper towels to make sure not a lot of glue would come on the table.
Looking at where i wanted the pieces to go. The pink square thing in the upper corner is called a “gum”. It’s from Strapya World and it is made so you can add phone straps to it. Because on normal iPhones you can’t add phone straps  
The end result after glueing everything. I do wish my case was a little more pastel pink but after ordering two cases that both weren’t the right color i gave up 
I think it turned out a lot better then my last case since i used less glue 
For a little tutorial look at the following post “Decoden 3DS Case“.
Note: For this case i used E6000 glue instead of silicone.
The front of my iPhone, stickers also from Strapya World 
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