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I am really inspired with decluttering lately. Decluttering is cutting stuff out of your life that you don’t love to get more organised. You can apply this on almost everything in your life; your room, make-up, computer, clothes and many more things.

Do you also have a lot of items that you never use? Have things that you keep for what if…? Or do you feel like you need more organising space? Then decluttering might be the right thing to do.

If this sounds good to you, then how do you start with decluttering?

Find out what you want to declutter

If you thought of something that you want to declutter split it into small parts. For example if you want to declutter your make-up collection take one type of make-up at a time like face products. Or if you want to declutter your room do it one drawer at a time. This way you will see results quickly and get encouraged to do more.

Make 3 piles; Keep, Sell & Throw

The throw pile doesn’t have to be thrown in the trash, you can often give these items to friends that actually like them or give them to good will. For me knowing the items will go to a good home makes it a lot easier to get rid of stuff. You can also add a maybe box, but by doing this you risk throwing a lot of items in there and not actually decluttering anything so be careful with that.

For every item ask the following questions

  • Do I love this?
    If you do not love it you will most likely not use it or won’t get happy when you look at it.
  • Did I use this in the past year?
    Lets be real if you didn’t use it in the past year then you probably won’t use it anytime soon.
  • Will I miss this?
    With most things you won’t even remember that you had it one month from now so why keep it.
  • Am I keeping this for what if?
    Mostly if you’re keeping something for what if… that time won’t ever come and you will end up trowing it out later so why not throw it out now because it is just taking space?
  • Do I have a similar item, am I actually using both or always grabbing for one of them?
    If for example you have like 3 pink nail polishes there is often one you use a lot and two that are just collecting dust, so why keep them?

If you say no to most of these it might be time to go separate ways.

Have you ever decluttered something?

8 Sep 2015 | 15 Comments


  1. Ik ben er de laatste tijd ook veel mee bezig en het gaat de goede kant op moet ik zeggen! Ook mijn moeder is er mee aan de slag gegaan. Finally! Haha! Ik heb daar al jaren over lopen zeuren dat ze dat eens moet doen en nu is het eindelijk zo ver, ik ben trots op haar :)

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Goed bezig, ook knap dat je je moeder zo ver hebt gekregen :p Mijn moeder krijg ik niet zo ver helaas, die ziet in alles nog een tweede leven >.< ' Maarja haar keus of course :] Vind het wel fijn wat minder zooi in mijn leven haha :3

  2. Chinouk says:

    Dit doe ik regelmatig met mijn kledingkast of make-upcollectie hihi. Werkt heel prettig! Fijne tips :)

  3. Ik ga vaak spontaan opruimen als ik weg moet en nog even op iemand moet wachten.
    En ik heb vaak last van rommel tijdens tentamenweken of wanneer ik net terug ben van vakantie…mijn kamer is nu echt rommelig en ik weet even niet waar ik alles moet laten en maak er eigenlijk ook geen tijd voor ;p
    Heb verder geen moeite met spullen weggooien maar meer met een plekje vinden :)

  4. Olivia says:

    I’m not the only one who SUDDENLY has the urge to clean EVERYTHING up when you actually have other responsibilites, right? XD Thanks for the tips! I’m busy decluttering the huge amount of stuff on my laptop now!

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Haha I have the same thing, mainly when I have to study for a test I get this insane cleaning/reorganising urge XD.

  5. I try to declutter every year, as I have a *little* problem with hoarding make-up… (a.k.a my family insists on giving me makeup as a gift) and eventually it gets bad from no use!

    This year I’m getting rid of old clothes and accesories, giving them away or donating <3

  6. Dinja says:

    Ik ben er al een tijdje mee bezig ^_^ maar misschien moet ik inderdaad wel in kleinere porties doen, in plaats van het hele huis tegelijk :’3
    Ik heb al een hele stapel gemaakt wat ik op de rommelmarkt ga verkopen :’)

  7. Minae says:

    This is a really good post! Most of the time I often find myself keeping things that I don’t need because “I might need it someday” but that day never comes! I should declutter soon, probably before I go back to college! <3
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  8. Nagareboshi says:

    Decluttering is so important. I am constantly doing this. One of my favourite phrases that helps me know whether I should keep something or not (or even buy something) is this: “When in doubt, throw it out!” ^__^

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Thats a really good one ^^! I’ll keep that in mind when shopping :]

  9. Coba says:

    Actually, I started decluttering my entire apartment just a few weeks ago. Getting rid of stuff is so amazing. I feel like a new person.

  10. Eli Dumas says:

    If you enjoy decluttering I’d recommend reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. It has literally changed my life.

  11. yukulicious says:

    I actually take a lot of joy out of decluttering my closet.
    I still have a lot of clothes and it’s time to do it again soon (I also love the idea to be able to buy new things after I decluttered because I have space now, right? hehe)

    I actually find this update really inspiring because I want to declutter again soon but just can’t get my lazy bum off my chair and do this (I should probably finish my school work first, anyway).
    So thanks for the reminder!

    Lastly, decluttered rooms look so much cleaner and nice and it’s so worth it in the end! :D

  12. ~ carmen ~ says:

    These are great decluttering tips. Perfectly usable. I think it’s really important to just toss out something you haven’t worn in the last year or so. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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