8 Cute Gift Ideas

makeup lover gifts

Sometimes you don’t want to just give something random to someone on their birthday. I mean if they really wanted that stuff they would have probably already bought it themselves isn’t it? Personal creative gifts are way more fun in my opinion.

For the person who loves to cook…

cooking gifts

   Cloud cutting board | Heart spoon

There are tons of creative cooking supplies on the internet. They make cooking just a little more fun and the person may think of you every time they use the supplies.

For the person who loves cats…

cat cafe

Cat cafes are getting more and more populair now and aren’t a Japan only thing anymore. It’s a place where you can have a drink and play with cats. Perfect for every cat lover.

For your favourite gamer…

nerd geek gamer gifts

  Mario Pipe Mug | 20 Sided Dice Necklace

If you buy a game for a gamer, big chance he already has it. Since most gamers love to show of their passion a gamer merchandise gift is often a great idea.

For the person you have memories with…

memories polaroid

Print photos of you together or memories you made or anything else  and put them in polaroid frames. You can then put them on a string with clothespins.

For the person who loves make-up…

makeup lover gifts

 I heart Make-up Blushing Hearts | Too Faced Natural Eyes

When it comes to make-up you basically can’t go wrong with these two products. They look really cute and are of great quality to I think every girly girl would be really happy to open these gifts.

Do you like personal gifts?

22 Jun 2015 | 5 Comments


  1. yukulicious says:

    I really like these random updates and ideas you come up with… I just wish I had enough time to get a similar format on my blog as well… (sigh)
    Anyway, a lot of these ideas are super cute and I’d probably just give them to myself lol.

    1. Sann (admin) says:

      Haha I know the feeling I would love most of these things to haha xD. And you do a pokemon challenge, I could never blog every single day haha I guess everyone just has different blog rituals ^_^

  2. Dinja says:

    Awww zulke leuke gifts ^^
    Lush is ook een leuk cadeaumerk :3

  3. robin says:

    heb net jou blog ontdekt en alles is zo pretty! *_* love it!

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