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beauty bakery

Do you ever buy make-up or beauty products because of the cute packaging? I’m sure I’m not the only one. Can you resist these cuties?

The Beauty Bakery sells all kinds of products in really cute packaging some so cute that you don’t even want to use it. They really are a treat to look at. Here are some of my favourite products from their website. It is a dutch website though so I’m not sure if they ship internationally. I also love how cute products look in my bathroom. It makes everything that much girlier which I love. They also don’t test on animals which is great.

Beauty products

bakery Kawaii make-up


  1. Baby Blue Cupcake Tweezer | 2. Coconut Cream – Soap
3. Flower Bomb – Body Butter  | 4. Cherry Heart – Lipgloss
5. Strawberry Ice Cream – Soap | 6. Pink Sugar Cotton Candy Heart – Body Butter

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Did you ever buy products because they looked cute?

15 Dec 2017 | 5 Comments


  1. Jonathan Dradford says:

    These are cute beauty products indeed. The casing itself says a lot about the product.

    Jonathan ( :yay:

  2. Lauren Jaxson says:

    The packaging ideas looking elegant on your blog post, I also look for these ideas and the custom packaging company is giving the packaging as your custom requirements,, it is offering the products f almost all type of packaging and the packaging material they are using is ecofriendly.

  3. says:

    Super leuk en schattig al die badproducten! Echt heel lief.

  4. dazzlingdots says:

    super leuk!
    Jouw blog <3 echt helemaal mijn stijl, ik houd super veel van Kawaii!
    nu ga ik even de rest van je blog doorlezen haha!


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