Creative Original Tea Infusers

Lollipop death note Tea infusers

I love drinking tea, specially loose tea. And what’s better then a cute or cool tea infuser to store ur loose tea in. I stumbled across these creative ones that I would love share with you. Aren’t they amazing?

I think these also could be amazing in a creative company if you have guests who want tea. Who wouldn’t want to buy something like a website or painting from a company with little ducky tea infusers¬† :yay: Or you can use them to cheer someone up with a nice cup of tea, I’m sure they will put a smile on their face.

Tea Infusers

 Rubber Duckie Tea

Rubber Duckie Tea Infuser

Tea Leaves

Tea Infuser Tea Leaves

Whale Infusers

Tea Infuser Brew Whale

Lollipop death note Tea infusers

Lollipop Tea Infuser

tea infusers Shark

Shark Tea Infuser

Do you like tea?

9 Jan 2015 | 10 Comments


  1. Adi says:

    These are just the best!! I’m barely starting to drink tea so these would be perfect for once I get the hang of it. ~.o

  2. I really like them omg! I drink a lot of tea :)

  3. Dinja says:

    So cute :3
    I really like the whale one :D

  4. Fleur says:

    Awh they are too cute!! I like the whale and the duck, they are adorable :3

  5. Sophie says:

    Those are so cute! I’ve never had loose tea but I can imagine it’s much stronger than regular tea.

  6. Kirsty says:

    I really want to start drinking loose tea as I had it at a hotel recently and it tastes so much nicer than tea made with teabags. These infusers and so cute, my fave is the Tea leaves one, brillant! xx

  7. Bella says:

    These are sooooo cute! I absolutely love loose leaf tea as I can’t stand the blandness of tea-bag tea!
    I definitely think the whale one is my favourite! xx

  8. annamaria says:

    aw. these are adorable :3 I really like the lollipop one and the whale one.

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