Here you can see pictures of my all of the cosplays I have done in the past.

Misa Amane – Death Note

Premiered at: Animecon 2010 (But updated since)

Misa @ MGC Experience 2012 cosplays misa amane deathnote

Mew gijinka (Human version) – Pokemon

Premiered at: Animecon 2011

Mew gijinka cosplay pokemon  mew pokemon

Black cat girl

Premiered at: Arcom 2011

Catgirls @ Arcom 2011 Catgirls @ Arcom 2011 (2)
I’m the left one, the other girl is a friend of mine

Pikachu gijinka (Human version) – Pokemon

Premiere date: Tsunacon 2012

Pikachu cosplay @-Animecon-2012-Taken-by-Laryx2012
With Dinja, I’m the right one

Chii – Chobits

Premiere date: Animecon 2013

Chii from Chobits @ Animecon 2013 chii chobits

Ashe – League of Legends

Premiere date: Abunai 2013

Ashe @ Abunai 2013 cosplays Ashe @ Abunai 2013 (2)

Espeon – Pokemon

Premiere date: Abunai 2013

Espeon @ Abunai 2013 cosplays

Poro – League of Legends

Premiere date: Animecon 2014

Poro cosplay league of legends cosplays